Things to Know Before Getting a Nose Job

The decision to have nose surgery in “Khon Kaen” (เสริมจมูก ขอนแก่น, which is the term in Thai), should be appropriately done with the right doctor! A nose job will permanently change your face, so every detail ought to be taken seriously.

Before we go further, note that the most important thing when it comes to all cosmetic surgeries is to be sure you’re not pressured but rather your decision

Research Before You Book Your Nose Job

When considering a nose job, your expectations with both yourself and your surgeon should be clear; every party involved should already know what to expect and results. You should always consider the before and after pictures of a similar procedure and choose the right surgeon. Finally, ensure you give yourself enough time to recover.

Rhinoplasty Results Take Time

A lot of people don’t seem to realize that rhinoplasty can take over a year for complete healing. You may even be required to revise your rhinoplasty. A few years back, it was reported that most people who underwent a rhinoplasty were unsatisfied and went for revision surgery.

Almost Anyone can Get a Nose Job

Any healthy and fit persons above the age of 18 can get a nose job. The patient must be free from polyps, breathing issues, allergic rhinitis, and must not be under prescription when the procedure may be done.

Nose Job Aftercare 

Several herbal medications can reduce swelling, such as pineapple, and arnica. However, avoid taking aspirin, omega 3s, or any other drugs that cause blood thinning to prevent the risk of bleeding after the procedure. For open rhinoplasty, one needs to avoid having Roaccutane 3 to 4 months before the operation, as this can impede the healing process.

Usually, after two weeks of the operation, touching the nose shouldn’t be a problem, however, avoid strenuous activities for three months at least.


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