What Vitamins Are Better For The Eyes

Eating a balanced diet, closely monitoring the amount of fats we eat (especially saturated fats), and providing all the nutrients and some vitamin check [ตรวจวิตามิน which is the term in Thai] is essential to achieve good general health and, As a consequence, enjoy an optimal view and keep it for a long time.

Following the issue of visual health, it is essential to consider that there are a number of vitamins for the eyes; that is, they are especially beneficial to prevent eye diseases.

The Best Vitamins For The Eyes

Vitamins A, C and E are known as eye vitamins because they are proven to be excellent for maintaining and improving eye health.

Let’s look at the main characteristics of each of them:

  • Vitamin A is especially powerful for improving night vision and preventing a good number of ophthalmological diseases, such as cataracts or macular degeneration.
  • Vitamin C protects our eyes from ultraviolet radiation and helps prevent retinal and crystalline problems.
  • It is a antioxidant that helps delay diseases such as cataracts or AMD.

What Foods Contain These Vitamins?

This is a list with some of the foods with the highest content of the vitamins mentioned above and that help keep your eyes in good condition:

Vitamin A. Green vegetables and carrots are great for the eyes because of their high concentration of vitamin A, which is a strong antioxidant. Carrots also have a high beta-carotene content, which adds value to this vegetable. On the other hand, we will also find a high content of this vitamin so important in whole dairy products, in livers and products made from it, as well as in fish such as eel or conger. Likewise, some bivalves such as clams, chirlas or cockles are also an important source of this vitamin.

Vitamin E. Avocado is very rich in monosaturated vitamin E. For this reason; it helps reduce the levels of negative cholesterol in the body that, among other things, can affect your eyesight. Spinach and chard, as well as peanuts also has their high content in this powerful natural antioxidant that is vitamin E. also, one of the main sources of vitamin E that we have in the Mediterranean basin is olive oil, so it should be our main option when using oil in the kitchen.

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