Oxandrolone Effects on Women

One of the most popular steroids that are present in the market is oxandrolone. It is a generic name of the popular drug Anavar that has been used by different users like athletes and bodybuilders. It is the most commonly used steroid by females that lead to gains in the body. In most cases, men make use of androgenic anabolic steroid to gain muscles. Females are closely following in this steroid race by the use of different steroids to gain effective gain in muscle with a loss of body fat.  It is important to understand the effect of Oxandrolone, the dosage information and its side effects in women before use.


Oxandrolone is the generic name of the popular steroid Anavar. It had been marketed in 1960 by the G.D. Serle and Company in the prescription drug market. Since then it has been used for decades by athletes and bodybuilders throughout the world. The anabolic is closely similar to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) type of hormone with modifications in the structure. It contains oxygen in place of the 2nd carbon in the A-ring along with an alkylation of the 17th carbon. These make it a more potent steroid making it more resistant to degradation in the first passage through the liver. It has been used medically for the treatment of the muscle wasting due to prolonged corticosteroid treatment as well as for increasing bone density in case of osteoporosis. The anabolic has proven beneficial for women allowing them to gain perfect weight.

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Anavar use in women

Women do not require similar kind of muscle for bulking up as men. The effect of Anavar is much more predominant in women as they have a more realistic expectation out of it. The most common form of the anabolic is the oral consumable pills. This makes it much more predominant for the use of the drug. It gives smaller gains in the body which helps a person have a toned look which is seen in most of the popular stars or athletes. A person also increases the stamina of the body by way of consuming the particular steroid. It enables them to pursue the sport of their choice easily.

Dosage to get the ideal effect

The anabolic effect of Anavar is 3-6 times more than testosterone. It scores less on the androgenic index against testosterone that scores 100. But in real life, the effect of the drug is not that predominant. It does not lead to large mass gains. The effect of this anabolic is a little subtle. In men, it has been predominantly used in large doses of 20-30mg for performance enhancement for 6-8 weeks.

Oxandrolone has proven beneficial for women and is used in significantly lower doses to get the desired result. It has been used in the 5-10 mg doses. This gives them an ideal weight. A six week use of Anavar leads to lean muscle gain as no water retention occurs in the body. Anavar should be used in cycle with a brief period of rest in between and this allows the body time to recuperate as well as helps prevent liver toxicity in the long run. Care should be taken in case of the use of this steroid in females as over use can lead to virilization or long term problem like hepatotoxicity.


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