Butt Augmentation for Problems in the Area of the Buttocks

There are numerous different kinds of “butt lifts” available in today’s market and one of the more popular being the BBL Brazilian butt lift. These processes are often denoted as butt augmentation or gluteal augmentations. In current years, these procedures have become even more popular due to the ability to get a better shape to the body overall. Buttocks-enhancing processes can include the removal of excess skin, liposuction, tightening, transferring of fat from other areas of the body, and/or implants. There are several options for developing the shape a woman wants.

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Reasons for having a butt lift

Why do women want a butt lift? These are individuals who usually fit at least one of these reasons:

  • Are happy with size but want improvements in shape;
  • Feel their body is not proportionate;
  • Find that with age, their buttocks “droop”;
  • Are looking to increase the size of buttocks;
  • Want enhancements to create a balance of body shape;
  • Believes more fullness and roundness will improve their figure;
  • Wants a procedure that both slims the waist as well as increases the size of the buttocks such as the Brazilian butt lift.

Butt lifts also can be customized to the body type and goals of every patient.

Types of butt lifts – implants or augmentation

Surgery using implants usually includes a water or gel silicone devices being inserted into each side of the buttocks. This generates a full, rounded look. Gel silicone implants used to be used often, but if a break happens, a gel silicone could leak causing an undesirable or lumpy appearance – which often could include the risk of an infection and even damage to organs. Implants that are water-filled are most commonly used currently, since a ruptured implant is much less dangerous if filled with water. Generally, a rupture of a water-based implant is not usually dangerous. It is still a disadvantage to be aware of.  Ruptures are very rare but can happen especially in the event of a fall that is hard or trauma to the area of the buttocks.

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