Things To Remember When Catering Corporate Catering Proposals

If you are hosting a corporate event and you have encountered numerous corporate catering proposals, you need to be able to have the right structure to give you an idea of what you actually need to have for your event. Doing so will ensure that choosing the corporate catering online will be a lot smoother. The caterer that you choose will also have the specifications that you actually need depending on the theme, menu, and other factors that you want to have for your corporate event.

Caterers have their own limitations and things that they excel in. Figuring out what they’re good at is not an easy step by step phase. Below are some things that you should keep in mind when trying to do so.

Venue Flexibility

Your caterers should be able to adjust to the venue that you have chosen. Most caterers with experience will be able to adjust to different venues as long as these venues are realistic. If you have a caterer that is pushing to go with a different venue for their own comfort or because it is more preferable to them, then you should avoid that caterer. One of the main reasons caterers are hired is due to the versatility that they can provide for an event host. When that is taken away, you might as well take your event to a restaurant.

Staff Experience

If you want to have waitstaff for your event or you want to have an open bar, then you should make sure that the catering company that you go with have staff with sufficient experience for these services. If you want to be able to find out if they do, then you should ask if there are any possible events that you can go to where they are the ones catering. Make sure that you take note of how they act when and when they are not around guests. Gauge how patient and diligent the staff team is.

Food Selection

Every caterer has their own specialty. They may push a certain menu depending on the time of year. However, you should make sure that you choose the food that use ingredients that are in season. This can help with the quality of food that is prepared for your guests. This may also help you save a lot of money because you are getting fresh in-season ingredients instead of trying to go out of state to get frozen ingredients for the sake of what you have on your menu. If you have your own requests, make sure that you inform your caterer so they can prepare beforehand.


Providing entertainment is something that not all corporate caterers may do. When looking for corporate catering online, you should ask whether they are able to provide entertainment as well. This may be in the form of a third-party company coming into your corporate event to provide the entertainment. However, you should make sure that said entertainers are as professional as your caterers to prevent them from taking from the overall positive experience.

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