Why Buying Medical Products Through Online Stores Is A Good Idea?

Do you plan to procure medical products the way you have been doing for years? Or, would you like to switch over to a new model of procurement? This is something healthcare providers deal with on a daily basis and face a lot of doubts and confusion all along. They are not sure whether to continue with the old-world way of relying on the distribution channel in place or start benefiting from online stores. Well, they should make the switch without doubt as this is what the world is doing, and benefiting a great deal as well.

Here are pros of buying medical products through online stores –

1#    More options, more freedom

Online stores come with more options and give more freedom to healthcare providers across India. So, no matter in which part of the country your clinic or hospital is, you can visit these stores, compare products from a huge listing, analyze its features and then place an order. Doctors can buy branded medical supplies to add value to their profession. In a sense, there is no middlemen to influence your decision and this leads to quality.

2#    More knowledge about manufacturers and products

Healthcare providers can raise their awareness levels about particular manufacturers and their products. They can evaluate every aspect of the company they plan to engage with for medical products. Right from checking on business details to reading product reviews, nothing would remain hidden and everything is there for the world to see. Clearly, transparent transactions take place all the time and this is how quality becomes a routine rather than exception when you buy through online stores.

3#   Cost benefits due to a direct sales channel

Doctors and hospitals often don’t get the kind of low prices manufacturers intend them to be. This happens due to the presence of multi-channel arrangement of suppliers, distributors, agents and associates. So, the prices go up considerably by the time the product reaches to end users. Since online stores are more of a direct sales channel with no middlemen to feed, this tends to have a big impact on the price.

4#    Procurement from only authorized companies 

Healthcare providers are at a loss when it comes to deciding whom to procure from as this is something dependent on suppliers. In most cases, hospitals are not sure whether they are getting good quality and genuine medical products from authorized companies. All this becomes a non-issue when an online medical store is involved in buying products. This is why more doctors trust this mode and shun the conventional route of buying products.

5#   Quality products a regularity

Quality is the last thing to compromise when buying medical products. So, clinics and hospitals should be in total control of the entire buying process and ensure that the procurement and the products meet their quality standards. The real difference lies in the selection of products themselves through stores and if a good brand is associated with, quality becomes the obvious end result for one and all.


Peter Simpson

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