Can Flat Shoes Damage Your Feet?

For those who are still unaware, did you know that wearing flat shoes – no matter how fashionable or quality they may be – can actually damage your feet? Find out how!

We know you love your sexy sandals, flip-flops, plimsolls, loafers and other flat shoes. Over the years, women depend on flat shoes to create a fashionable, unique look they want. In fact, flat shoes had outperformed high heels.

While a pair of fashionable flat shoes may seem comfortable and sensible than high heeled shoes, they can also become the source of common foot problems. According to a study, those who do not wear shoes without any inserts like custom-made orthotics for shoes by Orthotic Solutions Podiatry (such as the Zulu residents of South Africa) have healthier and happier feet than those that do.

As per Dr. Meghan Leahy, D.P.M, a certified podiatrist she mentioned that there are several diagnose which is credited to heels, but there’s even more caused by flat shoes. In fact, this is particularly true when the heel is too low or when the shoes are too tight. Thus, the distribution of pressure in every step turns strained and concentrated.

Here’s why flats are hurting your feet:

  1. Lacks support

Flat, flimsy footwear is not able to give people sufficient arch support, especially for those with flat feet. This ultimately puts too much pressure on the joints and tendons, which results in Achilles tendonitis, fallen arches, reduced mobility as well as sore knees, hips and ankles. Plantar fasciitis can also occur when you wear unsupported flats.

  1. Thin soles are lack of shock-absorbing qualities

Elegant shoes with thin soles may look sophisticated, but be aware of them because damaging your feet is possible when you wear them. You may put your foot at higher risk of crippling foot problems if you wear shoes with ultra-thin soles. Mainly because, they lack of shock-absorbing qualities.

Thin soles only give little protection against the effect of frequently striking the ground, which leads to extra abrasion on the joints, tendons and muscles.

  1. Slips-on often results in malformed toes

As your toes try to clutch the shoes and prevent them stop them from going down, they are forced to twist firmly when you walk. You may develop blisters and sores if you excessively move your feet around in the flats. On the other hand, flats that pinch your feet’s front put a strain on the toes. This will increase your chances of having sore ingrown toenails.

If you really want to enjoy wearing your favorite flat shoes without the worry of damaging your feet, now is the best time to consider investing in custom orthotics. This will not only help your foot achieve the utmost comfort and protection they need, but relieve some of the common foot-associated problems.

So, would you still wear your favourite flat shoes without any custom-made orthotics? If you’d like to get a plantar fasciitis over time, then go on. But if not, better visit and talk to a foot doctor.

Get a specialist foot care

Have been an avid fan of flat wears and is experiencing foot pain or any other problems? Set an appointment to a local podiatrist and get affordable podiatry fees from Orthotic Solutions Podiatry – from foot health care assessment to custom-made orthotics.

Now, you can say goodbye to hurting feet and embrace the benefits of using the device.

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