The SMART Lipo Machine

It took almost a century to come up with the best idea about liposuction finally. Through all the controversies since 1920, the world has embraced the idea of trimming down through it.

Dr. Charles Dujarier was the first gynecology surgeon who conducted it in 1920.  His attempt was premature in that it caused gangrene to patients and for five decades the procedure was silenced for Lipo Fort Lauderdale.

The attempt of this ambitious French doctor failed to cause gangrene to the patient. This visionary French doctor failed in his attempt caused gangrene and it eventually failed and was lost for five decades.

The concept birthed again from two Italian American gynecologic surgeon- Drs. Arpad and Giorgio Fisher in 1974. Unfortunately, the procedure resulted in irregular complications with severe bleeding and death in some cases. The failure created fears and hesitation in adopting the technique.

The quest for this science did not stop! Out of the failure, it evolved and surprisingly it made a better story in the life of liposuction technology. In the 80s the new liposuction technique was invented and introduced by Dr. Jeffrey Klein, an American dermatologist.

A breakthrough happened in 2006 when Cynosure developed a tumescent liposculpture called SMARTLIPO. At this time, it received an FDA approval for procedures “surgical incisions, excision vaporization, ablation and coagulation of soft tissue. The technique has an added benefit of skin tightening so it can be applied to muffin tops, saddlebags and the neck and jaws area. The advancement of this technology gave tools to surgeons to provide better comfort to the patient.

How does it work?

The procedure was called tumescent anesthesia and this has changed the image of liposuction surgery. It eliminated the need for general anesthesia by only needing local anesthesia- a mixture of epinephrine and lidocaine in a saline solution. It can be done on an outpatient basis and with few side effects.

In 1990 the technique was improved and at this time it is called liposculpture-it uses gentle suction across tunneling technique, still with local anesthesia. It entails the tumescent anesthetic solution is injected into the treatment area. The unwanted flab is then removed by gentle suction using tiny cannulas.

A better result that lessens dangers in undergoing the process will now be achieved through the Smart Liposuction Procedure. The advantage will allow your surgeon to perform a precise fat removal procedure for hard-to-reach fat deposits in the places like knees and ankles, along with chin and face and the inner thighs and male breast. The laser promotes collagen growth beneath the skin which causes the surface to be more toned and sculpted. It will not only remove your excess fats but it will eventually your body proportion and contour Reassured that fat would not return to the areas where the treatment was applied. It’s incredibly useful yet surprisingly affordable.

The SmartLipo Triplex

The South Florida Cosmetic Surgery has invested in someone we consider the best among the laser liposuction machine: The SmartLipo Triplex. It has three laser wavelength to destroy fat cell under the skin and liquefy it for easy fat removal using a small cannula. Smartens Thermaguide also equips the technology for the monitoring of skin temperature for the comfort of patients. Fat removal has never been easy and comfortable before the creation of SmartLipo Triplex.

The After

Experts require the patient to wear a full garment. You should expect to have bruises and swelling, but that will disappear over a couple of weeks. You should take pain medication only for few days, but you can go on with your regular activity. You will begin to see the result for four weeks and will continue to improve for three to six months. You need to return to your physician to monitor your progress.

One thing you should remember; laser liposuction is not a treatment for obesity. The procedure does not remove cellulite; dimples or stretchmarks it will only enhance the contour of your body.

There is a particular limitation for this safest fat removal if you don’t focus on your healthy diet. If you don’t follow the diet, your weight will gain again and the effort and money you have invested in this treatment will be wasted. The SmartLipo Triplex is just a friendly aid to your dream body. Focusing on becoming the better shape will be the main thing that you have to do in this treatment. Otherwise, in Lipo Fort Lauderdale, everything will be done perfectly by professionals.

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