Signs You Need To Identify Knee Osteoarthritis Symptoms

When the cartilage in the knee area wears away, you may suffer from knee osteoarthritis but knee injury can trigger the symptoms. Initially, you may experience sudden pain around the knee region when you get up in the morning. However, with worsening of the symptoms, the knees may hurt when climbing stairs or when you stand up from the sitting position. On the other hand, the symptoms may develop rapidly or gradually over several years. While some people may have the same painful symptoms in knee osteoarthritis, they may also vary. Cold weather and physically stressful activities may cause knee osteoarthritis.

Symptoms of knee osteoarthritis

When the knee joints suffer from damage, the condition may make you unstable. When the cartilage becomes damaged, the bones rub together and develop bone spurs, resulting in a bump that make the knee joint lock or stick up making it hard to become straight or bend. People with knee osteoarthritis symptoms [อาการ ข้อ เข่า เสื่อม, which is the term in Thai] may hear cracking or popping sounds or a grinding sensation in the knee region. When the cartilage sustains severe damage, the area around the knee may develop bone spurs or rough surfaces and when the joints move, the irregular rub against each other vigorously, causing pain.

Range of motion and deformity

The changes taking place in the bones and cartilages around the knee region may interrupt smooth movement of the knee joints and make it hard for you to walk or move smoothly. You may also find it hard to go on with the everyday movements when you have knee osteoarthritis. Besides, you may suffer from loss of joint space around the knee as the cartilage wears away. There are different treatment options to consider when dealing with knee osteoarthritis but every patient needs to follow the treatment options and recommendations of the doctor to get relief.

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