Oxavar 50 mg capsules – The Safest Option for Bodybuilders

Oxandrolone is a mild anabolic steroid which promotes protein anabolism and has very low incidence of any kind of adverse reactions. It is primarily used to provide strength and hardness to the muscles which would eventually lead to a quality physique. The 50mg capsules are opted by those who are seeking that muscle bulk. Most weightlifters consider this steroid as a No. 1 product that helps in gaining strength without that water weight.

The clinical study

Anabolic steroids are actually the synthetic form of testosterone, the male sex hormone.  It has been proved that the side-effects of Oxavar 50 mg capsules are minimal as this low androgenic 17-alpha alkylated anabolic steroid has very low level of toxicity. Clinical studies prove that Oxandrolone enhances the body fat reduction process in both men and women in the abdominal and visceral areas. It is an oral drug that does not cause any serious damage to the liver atleast when consumed in for a period of 4 months at a stretch. It stimulates the production of growth hormone. It is known to even promote weight gain in cases of weight loss associated with HIV and even leukemia. Another plus point about this steroid is it does not aromatize i.e. it does not give that soft look to the muscles nor does it lead to the development of breast in men.

Tips on usage

This steroid being mildly toxic is extremely safe to use. Some of the tips you can follow are:

  • Since Oxavar works by boosting the protein synthesis, intake of a high protein diet can increase its efficiency.
  • As women are comparatively more sensitive than men, a low dose is recommended in their case.
  • You can consider the Oxavar 50mg steroid as a part of the bulking cycle, but ideally should not depend on it solely.
  • When stacked with testosterone, it helps to boost its androgenic properties.
  • While purchasing the product, always look for Searle label to ensure that it is genuine.

Oxavar 50mg dosage

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The dosage basically depends on the purpose of taking the steroid. The reason can be losing weight, bulking or cutting. Men normally prefer to stack it with other steroids to get the desired bulk of muscles but for women, it is not advised. Be it men or women dieting and workouts is a must to attain the utmost benefit. For beginner men, the ideal dose is about 30mg everyday for the first week. After seven days, you can increase the dosage gradually. With time you can increase the dose to maximum 100mg per day. In this case, you need to divide the dose into two parts. So you can take two Oxavar 50 mg capsules in a day. Women need to start with a dose of 2.5mg. Normally for women, the cycle should be for 4 to 6 weeks and at the most, you can extend upto 8 weeks.

So, increase your strength dramatically today and gain that confidence in lifting that extra weight.


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