Knee Stem Cell Therapy – Alternative to Surgeries

Stem cell therapy has emerged as an alternative to cumbersome knee surgeries, turning the whole process quite painless and easy recovery. People with ligament tears, arthritis problem or other severe knee injury are now opting for stem cell therapy for many reasons.

Stem cell therapy involves stem cell knee injections as the medical procedure. Stem cells in easy words can be termed as ‘good cells’ which are present in the body, having the ability to renew. If a body encounters injury in a particular area, these stem cells repair these damaged tissues.

Stem cell knee injections work on the same basis. Stem cells are extracted from your body where they are available in abundance and injected into the knee where the problem has occurred. These stem cells renew the damaged tissues.

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Why stem cell knee injections is better than surgery

Knee surgeries are quite risky and may develop into a lot of complications. Sportspersons face ligament tear very often. Going through severe pain and several months in rehabilitation is not a good choice for them as it also invites complications. The same problem is faced by old-age people who don’t want to go through a lot of pain. After the surgery, the patient is barred from walking for many weeks. Full recovery takes even longer time.

Stem cell knee injections are best alternative as a person’s body recovery is instant. Patients who have gone through this procedure say that they felt relief and could manage to walk from the next day itself. This procedure speeds up the process of healing and reduces pain and inflammation.


The healing process is really fast when compared to conventional surgery method. The recovery takes really less time and patients start feeling relief in pain within 24 hours. There are almost no complications in stem cell therapy. The biggest benefit of this procedure is that it doesn’t involve any risk of infections. The stem cells injected are from the patient’s body and so the probability of getting an infection is extremely low.

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