Healing Crystals and Gemstones

Healing Crystals are a popular alternative healing choice for people who have been disappointed by mainstream medicine. Through the use of a variety of gemstones cleansed of negative history and optimized for use, practitioners work to improve both the mental and the physical health of their clients.

These gems can be cleansed using traditional methods, like planting the gems in a garden to absorb energy from growing plants, or through newer methods like isochoric activation.

Not sure how this works? Well, certain gems have the ability to improve the health and alignment of our chakras, or life energy centers. Here’s a list of commonly used gems and how they are used.

Black Obsidian

What is Black obsidian meaning? Black Obsidian helps you regain control of your life by helping you gain back impulse control and the ability to make your own decisions. This is a good stone for drug addicts, people who struggle with weight problems, and those who feel like they’ve lost control of their life.

Blue Agate

Blue agate works with the root chakra to eliminate negative emotions and energy. Using this gemstone will help balance the root chakra to improve your survival instincts and ability to make healthy lifestyle choices. It can also help improve your confidence by eliminating unhealthy anxieties related to social, professional and romantic areas.


Have you ever suspected that you have latent psychic senses? That unexplained hunch that caused you to sell one stock and buy another, and then discover the next day that the one you sold tanked, while the other took a steep climb?

Amethysts can help you bring that ability out so you can master it. These gems work with your crown chakra, the seat of your psychic senses and connection to the “divine power” of the universe, to make your psychic senses more powerful and reliable. Practitioners recommend meditating with this stone to awaken your latent ESP.


When luck simply isn’t enough, adventurine steps in. Though adventurine is often hailed as the ultimate luck stone, this gem actually works with the heart chakra to give the user a good humor and positive disposition and improving the ability to make wise decisions. It improves your confidence to jump on the good opportunities that come your way.


As its name might suggest, Apatite focuses on directing a user’s appetites away from unhealthy things (such as runaway food cravings) and towards healthy ones (such as creativity). So you can both lose weight and write that novel you always knew you could. Apatite works with the throat chakra to improve emotional memory and makes a good meditation aid.


The bloodstone cleans the heart chakra of negative spiritual energy and also detoxifies the blood. As blood travels, it can take the benefits of the bloodstone to other parts of the body and other chakras. Because it gets rid of toxins, it can also help addicts break their habits by burning off the harmful chemicals. This gem can also help motivate and strengthen the will, breaking “couch potato syndrome” and encouraging the discipline to live the life you always wanted.


Carnelian has soothing properties that can help remove negative thoughts and attitudes. It also improves memory and helps align the sacred chakra to teach you how to explore old memories without the negative connotations they might have once had. By freeing yourself from negativity, you can focus on the positive and make more positive decisions.


One of the most powerful additions to the healing gems collection, Citrine radiates spiritual energy that works well with the solar plexus chakra to remove negative blocks from the entire chakra system. This gem aligns the chakra system to improve overall health and confidence.


Hematite works with the root chakra to improve inspiration, as well as mystical and intellectual expansion. People who meditate with this stone find it easier to tackle a creative project that seemed daunting before. It also seems to work well for people seeking to improve their connection to the divine nature of the universe and draw on divinely inspired wisdom.

Jade Light

Jade Light is an excellent meditation gem for people who wish to understand who they really are. Jade light can filter out dishonest thoughts and remove blocks to psychic insight. This also helps people who have peculiarly vivid dreams and want to know what they mean, as they may be dream visions.

Moon Stone

Moon stone works with the Third Eye Chakra to give users the ability to transcend the physical world and project their astral forms. Users can receive visions of the future to warn of upcoming challenges. A healthy third eye chakra also accounts for sudden, crystal-clear flashes of inspiration. The moon stone can help users find this muse and assist their creative lives.

Tiger Eye

Tiger eye works well with Moon Stone by making astral projections safer and less likely to be interfered with by negative energy. Fiercely protective of their owners, tiger eye gemstones work with the Third Eye Chakra to warn of spiritual dangers and provide insights to good fortune. This stone also has good grounding properties that make information received from projections to remain crystal clear when returning to the user’s physical body.


Rhodonite is a good stone for people who feel unloved, need closure from a negative emotional event, or struggle with self-esteem issues because it works with the heart chakra to help them reconnect with loved ones again. This stone helps users connect with the divine universe to remind them that they are loved by a greater power.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is another stone that works well of the heart chakra to help users feel emotions more openly. It removes negative emotions that build up through experience to allow users to feel love in a more pure form. It also removes inhibitions that keep people from forming close friendships.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz helps people’s focus by teaching the mind to ignore distractions. It is also an excellent meditation aid because it helps block out distracting or conflicting thought patterns.

By eliminating distractions, self-discipline is improved and both body and mind are not influenced by conflicting signals. It is very closely associated with the crown chakra and helps focus on the divine power of the universe.


Sodalite works with the throat chakra to combat fear, dread and guilt feelings and replace them with courage, harmony, and wisdom. It also helps with communication and artistic ability, making it a popular stone with writers, teachers, musicians, and others who work in the entertainment and communications industries.


Unakite works with the third eye chakra to enhance extra-sensory perception and the ability to communicate with others on a spiritual level. It improves clairvoyance and the ability to make astral projections.

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