Everything You Need To Know About Proventil

Proventil or albuterol inhalation is a bronchodilator in the beta 2 category that is used for the treatment of bronchospasm such as shortness of breath and wheezing. The medicine is usually associated with reversible obstructive airway disease commonly known as asthma. Albuterol is also known as salbutamol and used for the prevention and treatment of wheezing and shortness of breath that is caused by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or asthma. 

The medicine can also be used for the prevention of asthma that is caused due to exercises. It is identified as a drug that offers quick relief from the breathing trouble. The category of drugs also known as Albuterol work as bronchodilators and opens the relaxing muscles and the breathing passage of the airways. The oral medicine containing proventil is to be taken by mouth and the effect takes time to come. For sudden attacks of asthma or breathing trouble, the oral medicine does not provide relief. An inhaler containing Proventil, on the other hand, provides freedom from sudden attack of asthma or shortness of breath. You must carry the quick relief inhaler with you for tacking the emergency asthma attack.

Active ingredients

The active composition of albuterol inhaler is albuterol sulfate, which is a racemic salt of albuterol.  Albuterol is also known as salbutamol and widely used across the world for the treatment of shortness of breath and wheezing.

Side effects of proventil or albuterol

Even though the medicine albuterol or proventil is used as a quick relief symptom from shortness of breath, it is also known to cause the following side effects.

  • Nervousness
  • Dryness or irritation in the throat, mouth, and tongue.
  • Shaking or tremor
  • Headache
  • Change in the taste
  • Cough
  • Nausea or dizziness
  • Increased blood pressure
  • For the serious side effects that are extremely rare such as pain in the chest, irregular heartbeat, disorientation, and fast breathing, you have to get medical help right away.
  • This medication may also severe symptoms such as worsening of the asthma and shortness of breath although it is extremely rare or rarely fatal.
  • A serious allergic reaction due to this drug cannot be ruled out as well although you have to inform the doctor right away if you notice symptoms such as rash, itching or swelling in specific areas of the tongue, throat, or face along with severe dizziness or face breathing trouble.

If the symptoms persist for a long time or become worse with time, you must inform your doctor immediately. The doctors prescribe this medication only when they are sure about the purpose for which the medicine is to be administered. The side effects of this medication can vary from person to person. The case of serious side effects due to this medication is rare, but on noticing the one or more of the side effects, it is necessary to inform the doctor or the pharmacist immediately. You must also inform the doctor if you suffer from fast and pounding heartbeat.

Precautions to follow

For Proventil, you must inform your doctor if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of medication. You have to tell the doctor if you are allergic to the similar class of drugs such as metaproterenol, levalbuterol or terbutaline. Note the following.

  • Try to discuss with the doctor about your medical history related to irregular heartbeat, heart attack, angina, seizure, or high blood pressure.
  • If the drug makes you dizzy, you have to limit your driving, use of machinery, or any other activity.
  • Pregnant women can only use this drug when it is genuinely needed and it is not yet known whether it passes on to the breast milk, so the lactating mothers must consult a doctor.

Interactions of proventil or albuterol

The interactions of the drug may change based on how the medications function in the body. You must prepare a list of all the prescription and non-prescription drugs and share it ith the doctor and pharmacist.

Using proventil with aerosol

Before using proventil, you must check the information leaflet properly. You have to follow the instructions properly to get the benefits of the medicine during acute shortness of breath.

  • You have to shake the canister properly before using.
  • If you are using the canister or the aerosol spray for the first time, you have to test spray it in the air for two to three times before inhaling. In most of the cases, the fine mist coming out of the canister shows that it is working properly. You must also test spray the device if it has not been used for a fortnight or more.
  • The medicine is to be inhaled by mouth or as the doctor says. Usually, the medicine is to be inhaled after every four to six hours. The dosage of the medication is going to depend on your health condition and the way in which you respond to the treatment. Try to avoid increasing the does yourself without the approval of the doctor. Overdose of this medication can harm your health and increase the risk of the side effects.
  • For the patients using this medicine for asthma that occurs due to exercise, the inhalation of albuterol must follow the directions of the doctor. A couple of puffs about fifteen to thirty minutes before the exercise are going to suffice.
  • A spacer device is usually recommended for use with this device, but you have to ask the doctor or the pharmacist for more information. At least a minute must pass within two puffs.
  • If you are using any other inhaler along with proventil, you must wait for a minute between the uses of each medication.
  • You must carry the quick-relief inhaler if you are a chronic patient of asthma or suffer from shortness of breath. However, it is necessary to track the number of inhalations you are using and remember to discard the device after use.

Thing to remember

Try to find out from the doctor which of the inhalers containing albuterol is to be used whether in a controlled manner or as quick relief. When it comes to buying this medication, you can get it from RXShopMD.com. However, do not forget to ask your doctor about the dosage of medication if the symptoms persist or worsen.

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