Causes of Teeth Discoloration

The color of people’s teeth may change for various reasons. Poor oral and dental hygiene, oral trauma, or the use of some substances that cause stains on the teeth are among the causes of teeth discoloration. As a dentist performing affordable teeth whitening in Toronto says, genetic factors and family history also play a role in changing tooth colors. Changing the color of teeth impacts a person’s appearance and causes a decrease in self-confidence and unwillingness to be present in society. There are very simple ways to prevent tooth discoloration, but in case of any change in tooth color, dentists can easily treat this problem. Timely prevention prevents difficult and expensive treatments.
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Detailed Examination of the Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Everyone’s teeth may change color over time based on various factors. The color of stains on the teeth is different for each person. This color may vary from white streaks, shades of yellow, and pale and bold brown spots. Its color is the main factor for correctly determining the treatment method for tooth discoloration. Based on this color change, their depth is also different. The depth of tooth discoloration in different people is as follows:

Surface stains: 

Surface stains occur in tooth enamel, its outer layer. The main cause of surface stains is some foods such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, and smoking.

Deep stains: 

These stains are created in the inner part of the tooth (dentin layer). 

The following factors affect the formation of deep stains in the tooth dentin:

  • Fluoride exposure of children’s teeth during development
  • High use of tetracycline antibiotic by mothers in the second half of pregnancy, which has a great effect on the dentin of the child’s teeth
  • Dental trauma in childhood
  • Injury and internal bleeding of the permanent tooth that causes its color to change to brown, red, and black

Age spots: 

Age spots include superficial and deep spots.

The following factors are very effective in causing aging spots:

  • Gradual yellowing of the outer layer due to its aging
  • The gradual thinning of tooth enamel and the appearance of more dentine color
  • Eating pigmented foods and smoking
  • Cracked teeth

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Introduction of Several Causes of Tooth Discoloration

The cause of tooth discoloration is various issues; the following are among these reasons:

  • Consuming some colored drinks and foods
  • Taking some medications
  • Use mouthwash containing fluoride
  • Smoking and other types of tobacco
  • Some surgeries

The treatment of tooth discoloration depends entirely on the cause of the discoloration and its depth. By accurately identifying this cause, the doctor can more easily determine the correct teeth whitening method. Sometimes one of the teeth may become darker than other teeth due to various issues. Usually, some injuries and the use of some medicines cause your teeth to turn black. If the blackness of your single tooth is due to injury or dental trauma, it may be due to the iron in the blood entering the structure of the tooth dentin and saturating it, resulting in a change in color and a deep stain inside that tooth. Another cause of tooth color change is the appearance and increase of stains on the tooth due to tooth injury and its departure from the uniform state.

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