Benefits of exercising outdoors

Exercise ifs beneficial for both your mental and physical health, but did you know exercising outside can increase those benefits? While outdoor exercise can be just as effective as indoor exercise, it can also be more fun and, cost-effective, and it’s a great way to get your daily vitamin D fix. 

The home doctor experts at House Call Doctor have compiled a list of benefits of exercising outdoors.


You can exercise anywhere and at any time outside, without costing you a cent. Gym memberships and personal trainers can come with a hefty price tag cost a lot which can act as a barrier to exercise. Take a look around your area to find out where you can exercise in a way that suits you. Maybe it’s walking, running, bike riding or using free workout equipment at the park. You’ll be surprised how effective a workout can be outside compared to inside. 

Improved mood & mental health

The fresh air from exercising outdoors can help reduce anger and depression and improve your mood. Exposure to sunlight and vitamin D can also help lift your spiritsimprove your mood. When outside, your mind has more to focus on compared to being in a gym with four walls. It can also connect you with people and places in your community.  


Lack of time can stop people from exercising and travelling to a gym. Navigating traffic, parking and crowds ed gyms are no issue when you can exercise around your neighbourhood. Hills, tracks and streets in your neighbourhood provide ideal walking, running and cycling environments that you can take advantage of. 

Other health benefits

Immersing yourself in nature can also help a range of other health conditions through lowering cortisol, pulse rate and blood pressure. You are also less likely to experience physical injuries as you will be more aware of your surroundings compared to the repetitive motion onf  an indoor treadmill. 

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