In recent years, cannabis laws have continued to change across the globe, especially with the realization that it has medicinal benefits. These days, cannabis comes in various forms, including the good old-fashioned flower for smoking, concentrates, edibles, oils, among others. As such, you can legally purchase cannabis buds if you live in a state where cannabis is legal.

If you are wondering if there are healthier ways to smoke cannabis, the truth is that there is no 100% safe way to do so. Weed smoke contains toxins and carcinogens that are harmful to your respiratory health, just like smoking cigarettes. So smoking weed also exposes you to smoke inhalation, which is detrimental to your health. However, some methods might be less harmful than others. Before you search for cannabis near me, please take a look at some of these cannabis consumption methods and their effects.


According to various studies, vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking weed. Vaping the actual cannabis buds as opposed to concentrates is slightly safer on your lungs than smoking weed. It involves using a vaporizer to produce vapor from the dried buds which you inhale. Many people believe that vaping weed is much safer because it doesn’t involve smoke. 

According to the available research, vaping cannabis oils and concentrates can harm your lungs but vaping the dry buds is less harmful. Still, the research on vaping is limited, so there may be some unknown effects. But many people who vape weed experience higher, more potent effects than smoking.

Using bongs

Bongs are weed smoking devices that feature a chamber you fill with water, a downstem, a bowl, and a mouthpiece. They are suitable if you want to tone down the harshness and heat while inhaling smoke. They offer clean smoke because you don’t experience the dry heat like smoking cannabis buds rolled in paper. However, your lungs may not know the difference even if it feels less harsh.


Dabbing is considered to produce a cleaner high and delivers more THC than other weed consumption methods. But unless you have high-tech tools, dabs are still far from being pure. They contain residual solvents and contaminants that may lead to cardiotoxicity. Although dabbing is not technically smoking, it has respiratory effects as you can develop lung problems from smoking. There are no guaranteed healthier ways of smoking weed, but there are healthier ways to consume it. 

Healthier ways of consuming cannabis

  • Edibles are foods infused with cannabis. They come in several forms, such as chocolates, gummies, candies, cookies, drinks, etc., and are sold in cannabis dispensaries. You get the cannabis into your system by eating them so it won’t harm your lungs.
  • Tinctures are oils in which you pour a few drops under your tongue so that they are absorbed through the blood capillaries under the tongue.
  • Topicals come in creams or balms that you apply on your skin to get the desired effect of the cannabis.

The bottom line

There are no 100% healthier ways of smoking weed. Still, there are healthier alternatives to consuming it, including cannabis edibles, capsules, tinctures, and topicals which you can find in a licensed cannabis dispensary.

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