Vaping vs. Smoking: Which Is Better For The Environment?

Have you considered the environmental benefits of vaping? When compared to smoking, how much healthier can vaping be? Here are some ways that cigarettes harm our planet and why vaping is a better alternative.

There are two words: cigarette butts

There are cigarette butts everywhere, and they are only getting worse. It’s because used butts sit around for years before breaking down – ten or twelve at the most. If you flicked a cigarette butt out of your car window on your 20th birthday, lived through your entire 20s, and then landed on the same spot ten years later when you were 30 – and beyond. The average smoker discards thousands of cigarette butts every year, and these add up exponentially because they are virtually non-biodegradable. Thanks to the growing popularity of vaping, fewer and fewer smokers are littering our streets, which is a good thing.

Deforestation on an unprecedented scale

You may not know that 15 cigarette packs are equivalent to one tree. Thus, even a relatively light smoker can cut down six trees in a given year. It’s a twofold problem, as trees produce oxygen, and smokers produce tons of carbon dioxide and methane. Make the switch to vaping instead of smoking if you want to do your part. Not only will you burn and exhale fewer pollutants, but you’ll save an enormous amount of oxygen-producing trees over time.

The climate change race is on

There’s no doubt that the world needs to go on a CO2 diet. In terms of keeping carbon dioxide out of our atmosphere, smoking itself is a low-hanging fruit.

┬áMillions of tons of CO2 are released into our atmosphere every year as a result of tobacco companies’ production of trillions of cigarettes. The effects of global climate change are already evident, even with all the misinformation out there: shrinking glaciers, earlier flowering trees, longer and more intense heatwaves, and many others. People’s activities are primarily to blame for these changes, so switching from smoking to vaping is an important step you can take as an individual.

Chemicals cause pollution

When the cigarette burns, it releases over 5,000 chemicals into the air. Despite their appearance as tobacco wrapped in paper, cigarettes are more like chemical cocktail that release chemical-laden smoke and result in chemical-leaching tar that litter our streets, parks, gardens, and waterways. Several of these chemicals occur naturally in the tobacco plant, but others are added during the manufacturing process or produced when the cigarette is burned. Furthermore, roll-up tobacco cigarettes contain the same chemicals as manufactured smokes, so don’t believe that you can avoid harmful environmental effects by rolling your own. What if we could buy a vape online today and avoid releasing all these chemicals into the environment?

Smoking is much more harmful to the environment than vaping – it’s that simple. Whatever you choose – disposable cigalikes, a complex vape mod, an e-cigarette, an e-pipe – you’ll be helping to save our planet. You can try considering SMOK or Vuse Pods as well!

Peter Simpson

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