Lasik Corrective Eye Surgery for Vision Enhancement

In earlier times, people find only one solution to correct the problems of vision i.e., glasses. Almost everyone who is short of sight or had any difficulty in a clear vision, used to wear the glasses. After the glasses, another alternative, which comes into action, is the contact lenses. After the glasses, people started using contact lenses to have an unobstructed vision. But both the glasses as well as contact lenses have lesser advantages than the corrective eye surgery. It does not mean that the use of contact lenses and glasses have wiped away but still people are using it. People are attracting towards the Lasik eye surgery because nobody wants to have extra burden on eyes and the eyes get burdened with the glasses.

There are many rumours about the Lasik eye surgery; some people say that more than benefits, there are disadvantages. It also happens with the people who does not properly plans all the things or who do not go to the best eye surgeon. Lasik eye surgery is the most commonly used eye surgery method, which is being used from all over the world. It does not involve the complex steps and a best Michigan Lasik eye surgeon can easily perform this procedure.

Basic steps during Lasik eye surgery

The basic step involves the cutting of the middle portion of the eye (outer eye) in to a flap then the eyes are fired with the laser and that is it, the surgeon puts the flap back to its earlier position.

Steps followed prior to the Lasik eye surgery

There are a lot more basic steps, which have to be followed before the initiation of the surgery. The eye surgeon will apply the tools to hold the lid of the eyes and those tools are known as the retainers. After this, the eye surgeon will pour the eye drops in the eyes of the patient. These eye drops helps to make the eyes numb, these eye drops does not allow the eyes to dry up during the procedure. Another benefit of the eye drop is that they acts as antibiotic and prevents the infection. As the eyes are numb after this step then do not worry about the pain during this procedure. One can never have a pain during this procedure, if the eye surgeon has dropped some eye drops into the patient’s eyes.

After following this step, the surgeon will remove the flap using the equipment. Sometimes, patient may feel about the pressure building up but never feel pain. When the surgeon would cut the flap, the patient will have an improper vision at this time or more precisely, will have the blurred vision. Once the surgeon opened the flap, one can feel some type of sound at this moment. The surgeon would throw the rays on the eyes, which will help to give shape to the external covering of the eyes. The surgeon will perform this step for not more than one minute and put the flap back to its earlier position, after smoothing and proper clearance. Moreover, just it, he/she is done with the cheap Michigan Lasik eye surgery.

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