Is It Really Possible To Build Muscle Fast

If you are interested in bodybuilding, you may realize that there are many online magazines, whichclaim to be an expert in this field. They are promising that they can build muscles fast. Beginners or newcomers in this field failed to recognize that they are promoting a health supplement. They are claiming that you can get results within 30 days and you will look like Ronnie Coleman after consuming their supplement. On the other hand, taking these health supplements without consulting your physician is also responsible for causing mood swings.

What you see in these magazines is not the result of a month or a year. These guys which you see in these advertisements have dedicated their whole life in training and working hard with consistency. If you have been in the gymnasium, you may be aware that how difficult it is to increase a single inch of muscle.

Here are a couple of common mistakes, which everybody makes.

Focusing on a small muscle groups

You may have seen that beginners always concentrate on small muscles or single joint exercises. In the start of their exercise routine, they opt for isolation exercises like bicep curls or laterals. It does not mean that isolation exercises are bad and you are supposed to do them after acquiring a certain level of muscle mass. In the beginning, you are supposed to concentrate more on compound exercises so that you can increase your muscle mass and body strength. You can achieve this by opting for bigger lifts and then you can go for isolation exercise. Remember that big lifts will increase your body’s strength. You can opt for deadlifts, presses and squats.

Not progressing

If you are using the same weight on the bench press for months, then your body will get adapted to it. You are simply using the weights without stimulating them. Your muscles will not get stimulated because you are not putting extra pressure on them. In the due course of time, your muscles have become habitual of the weight you are using. You need to increase your weight slowly. You can add weight every two or four weeks, it is entirely dependent on how your body is responding.

If you are training under the supervision of an experienced physical trainer, he will tell you that either you increase your weight or you increase the repetitions. You can also increase the speed; a combination of all three will work great.

Eat more

This is at last but not the least. You have to fulfill the requirements of your body by eating proper quantities of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats. This will contribute in adding muscles. If you are skinny and want to increase muscle mass, you cannot go only for fats. This is what most of the beginners do, they think that by increasing calories, they will also gain muscle mass. On the contrary, this will increase the fat percentage in your body, which you will find it difficult to get rid of. Even if you are consuming healthy fats, you need to consume it in limit. Make a right combination of protein carbohydrates and fat ensures the proper growth and lean muscle mass.

Peter Simpson

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