How to Use a Face Cleansing Oil?

Maintaining a healthy skincare routine starts with cleansing. Washing your face twice at night will not only help you get rid of all the sebum and dirt but also dead skin cells and other impurities. Double cleansing has always been a fruitful skincare step that promises you clean skin. It consists of two products – a cleansing oil to melt all the makeup and skincare products that you applied during the day time and a regular gentle cleanser to get rid of all the dirt, oil and dead skin cells. Now, while a lot of you might already be familiar with the use of a face cleanser, not a lot of people know how to use cleansing oil. If you’re one of those people, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

First off, let’s start by saying what a face cleansing oil really is. As the name suggests, a face cleansing oil is an oil-based face wash. It is usually formulated with many different kinds of lightweight oils and they either emulsify or lather when combined with water. This allows the oil cleansers to effectively clean your skin without stripping off moisture from it or weighing it down. 

How Do You Use Cleansing Oil?

Well, to begin with, you need a gentle oil cleanser and if we were to recommend you one, it’d be the Pure Sense Grapefruit Face Cleansing Oil. This cleansing oil has the ability to gently cleanse your skin and hydrate it deeply. It has a non-drying formula that keeps your skin moisturised. As it is formulated with pure ingredients, it nourishes your skin and calms your senses. This cleansing oil is suitable for all skin types. 

Now that you have a cleansing oil in place, you should know that it is typically applied to dry skin and not damp skin. This will only allow the oil to adhere to dirt, makeup and oil which washes away once it combines with water. Once you apply your cleansing oil to dry skin, massage it over your skin gently to remove all the makeup, dirt and oil. Add water to emulsify the formula and create a lather. And then wash it all off with cold or lukewarm water. Follow a face cleansing oil with a regular gentle cleanser to make sure your skin is rid of all the residue. 

Who Should Use a Cleansing Oil?

It really depends on personal preference and the amount of long-lasting makeup you use. If you use a good cleansing oil, you won’t need a separate makeup remover, which will save you time and money. 

Who Should Not Use a Cleansing Oil?

Usually, everyone can use a cleansing oil, regardless of your skin type. Just make sure you choose a cleansing oil that is well-formulated and doesn’t contain problematic ingredients that can harm your skin in any way. Cleansing oils that consist of a single oil or a blend oil that isn’t combined with surfactants or emulsifiers isn’t recommended for combination to oily skin as they will end up making oiliness worse. 

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