Compound Medication for Pain Management

While dealing with chronic pain, doctors usually prescribe one solution- either oral narcotic prescription or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These were the important pain management tools earlier. Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience and the types of pain experienced can be diverse. Some suffer pain from arthritis, migraine or fibromyalgia while others may suffer from muscle pain, headache or nerve in their daily life. In most of the cases, patients often find it difficult to depend on the medicines prescribe by the doctors.

Therefore, pharmacy compounding is the best customized solution for pain management. Doctors suggest specifically tailored treatment to provide the greatest effect with the fewest side effects. Treatment centres such as Cancer Treatment Mexico are pioneering tailored treatments. Sometimes, the pharmacists are trained to use complex algorithms of pain management to target specific types of pain as patients may have multiple types and sites of pain. Therefore, pharmacists combine one or two medicines into one dosage delivery system or multiple delivery systems. It has been observed that combining traditional medical therapies with natural medicines ensure better pain management.

Chronic pain can be much more difficult to manage than acute pain. Even when the underlying process remains firm, uncontrolled pain stops patients from participating in productive work. Such situations require a multidisciplinary approach and modified treatment protocols to meet the specific needs of individual patients. By combining different agents that use different mechanisms to change the sensation of pain, health experts have found that it is better to use smaller concentration of medicines.

Transdermal and topical creams and gel can be formulated to deliver high-concentration at the site of application, to trigger point application or in the base to allow systematic absorption. Research shows that there are no restrictions as such on the sort of drug that can be assimilated into an appropriately compounded transdermal gel. Also, when medicines are controlled transdermally they do not get absorbed through the gastrointestinal system and also do not experience hepatic metabolism.

Topical pain relievers are specially prepared compound medication in the form of topical gel that can be applied directly to the affected area. As the symptoms and pain tolerance vary in patients, commercial medicines often do not provide the right dosage strength. Also, the development of Pluronic gel has the efficacy over other gel formations such as carbopol-based formulation. However, variation levels of absorption depend on a number of factors. With an increase in the polymer concentration, there is a decrease in the diffusion coefficient of Ketoprofen.

Several pharmacy support FDA’s claims to check product’s sterile assurance. The sterility test is performed on a variety of sterile products that are dispensed. Test results are maintained that the passing sterility test for every product sold by the pharmacies. There is a current debate regarding which standards should be applied to compounding pharmacy. The FDA has been inspecting pharmacies involved in compounding medicines around the nation and wishes to set a guideline for them. Their highest priority is the safety of the patients and continues to make improvements. This is done in order to uphold highest standards for pharmacy compounding. There is a continuous need to improve the facilities and integrate safety measures that surpass the requirement of current regulation that involves any modification based on the FDA’s recommendation.

The need for compound medication for pain relief:

  • There are no known side-effects
    •They are not addictive
    •They are customized with target ingredients
    •They minimize organ toxicity
    •They reduce the risk of adverse drug interactions
    •Reduce oxidative stress
    •Minimizes absorption in the blood stream
    •Improves patient compliance and outcomes
    •Blocks portions of inflammatory cascade

Compound medication can specifically address the unique characteristics of pain in each condition and circumstances.

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