Adipex – A fairly known review

Adipex is the brand name for phentermine. Phentermine is mainly used to curb hunger. It works by changing or altering the neurotransmitters in the brain which are responsible for appetite. It works similar to amphetamines because they both work on central nervous system. This is the reason, phentermine is a controlled substance and classified into Schedule IV controlled substance.

When it comes to weight loss the effects of phentermine on body is yet not clear but it has been understood that it works as an appetite suppressant by triggering the transmissions of nerve impulse in the brain.

Doctor has prescribed Adipex p 37.5 mg as the most commonly used dosage of this drug. There is a new alternative available in the market called pehn caps. People who are not prescribed with phentermine but really wish to lose weight usually rely on these alternatives. If it is real phentermine then it is available under the brand names Adipex-p, Adipex, and Suprenza. The alternatives like phen caps are not same as these brand name drugs.

Precautions to be taken while using adipex

  • The doctor should have a prior intimation of your health conditions and assess a prior health check up before prescribing the adipex to the patient.
  • Only pills may not give you the full potential of weight loss unless a regulated diet and exercise.
  • Required dosage recommended by the doctor should be followed and more than that to lose weight quickly will be hazardous for the body.
  • If you skip your any dosage don’t overdose on the next dosage time as this will hamper your body. There is also age restriction; persons under 16 years of age should not consume adipex.
  • It has to be noted that people who have also taking MAO inhibitors have to avoid adipex which cause a dangerous combination which may prove fatal for the person.
  • It is better start off with lower dose and observes the reactions of the individual and then increases the dose gradually.
  • The Body Mass Index of a person is first thing that the doctor wants to know before he can prescribe adipex to the person and the other health tests follow. If the doctor deems you fit for the adipex cycle then he/she would recommend adipex for a minimum of 30 days, which allows a window for the doctor to determine that the pills have actually have cause a significant in the fat and muscle ratio.
  • The most other side effects seen are shortness of breath after a small kind of activity.
  • There are chances of chest pain and spell of fainting, palpitations and irregular heartbeat.
  • There are cases which have stated of behavioural changes such as irritation, confusion and wide ranging emotions of sadness, euphoria etc.

It is always better to discuss with the doctor to let him or her that you allergies to particular medication. Usually no case has been documented on severe allergic reaction to adipex as yet. But you cannot throw precaution to the winds.

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