What is Orthodontics?

It’s a word often used within the wider field of dentistry, but its meaning is rarely fully explained. Orthodontics is a highly-specialized field of dentistry – one that bridges the gap between the medical and the cosmetic.

The name is derived from two Greek words, which offer it a very simple meaning. Orthosmeans “correct” or “straight” and odonttranslates as “tooth”. In summary, orthodontics is the practice of diagnosing, preventing and readjusting incorrect positions of the teeth and jaws, providing results that are at once aesthetically pleasing, more comfortable and more medically sound than previously.

“Bite” issues – meaning problems with the way your top and bottom teeth meet, hyperdontia – the condition of having too many teeth, resulting in displacement and an “overcrowded” mouth, the fitting of dental braces or retainers, and structural issues arising from the growth of wisdom teeth are just some of the matters orthodontists are charged with resolving as part of their skillset.

Words such as “overbite” or “underbite” have entered common use with in our language, but they were originally inventions of orthodontic specialists to describe different ways in which the teeth meet, resulting in different positions of the jaw. It is extremely easy to receive treatment for this, and the slightest adjustment to your bite can completely revolutionise your look and the comfort you feel while chewing and talking.

It takes an average of ten years of training to become an orthodontist – it is an extremely specialist area of medicine and requires expert knowledge and skill. When searching for private orthodontists in your area, it is advised that you take careful note of the equipment and techniques used by each, to serve as a comparison and allow you to find the very best.

At Oakley Dental in Manchester, only the most extensively trained specialists are on hand to provide orthodontic care, using the most advanced technology available. It is also highly advisable to book a consultation with the specialists you are considering before you choose, as this will help you to decide on the practice that is best for you, but also to allow you to receive expert advice regarding your needs and the approaches that can be taken.

If you are interested in undergoing orthodontic treatments with Oakley Dental, please call our specialists today on 0161 773 0111, and we will be happy to book a consultation with you. You can also take a look at the other treatments we have available in our state-of-the-art clinic by visiting Oakley Dental today!

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