What is a Food Pyramid chart?

Have you heard about the food pyramid (piramid makanan)? As the name suggests, food pyramid is a chart that is specifically made for food. The function of this chart is to convey the message of how taking the correct food is important. It is also not about the quality of the food; the quantity also matters. This is why the chart is represented in a form of pyramid. The type of food that we need to eat the most is situated at the base of the pyramid, while the type of food that we need to eat the least is situated at the top of the pyramid. This chart consists of 5 levels of pyramid. You can easily find this chart in almost every hospital or clinic in your area. If you have not looked at one, then it will be a good idea to search for it online, you will be amazed by what you can learn from it. This article will also talk about the food pyramid. We will take a look at what the food is and how much do you need to eat to get it right.


  1. Carbohydrate

Carbohydrate forms the base of the pyramid; this also means that it needs to be taken in abundance because it is so important four your body. Carb provides energy so that you can perform your daily activities. The examples of carbs include rice, bread, oat and also cereals. Usually, it is recommended to take around 2 to 3 meals of carbs per day.

  1. Fruit and vegetables

These two types of food sit at the second level. Both are equally important and that is why they sit in the same category. Both of them will provide nutrients and vitamins needed for your body. Eat a lot of these two and your body will remain in a good condition.

  1. Dairy products

Dairy products contain products such as milk and also cheese. It sits at the 3rd level of pyramid food. You do not need to eat a lot of these foods, but you still need to take them. This is because it is essential for your cell growth. Dairy products can help your body to grow. Besides, milk can also provide the much-needed calcium that can help to strengthen your teeth and bones.

  1. Protein

Next is the protein section. Any type of meat such as meats, fish and other protein alternatives will fall in this category. All of these foods will provide you with protein, a substance that is responsible for your muscle growth. Eating an adequate protein can also help you to avoid some unwanted health conditions. However, not eating enough protein will also give you some health problems. So, you must pick your protein wisely and always remember to add it in your meal. One serving of protein per meal is adequate.

  1. Fats

The last category of food that sits at the tip of the food pyramid. Fats sit at the top and must be taken very lightly because it can give a lot of health problems if taken in a large amount. Please do not get me wrong, not all fats are good and not all fats are bad. The fats that we are talking about here are the good fats and can be found in foods such as avocado, yogurt, sunflower oil and also olive oil. Please restrain yourself from taking bad fats such as fast foods, ice cream and butter because these foods are not good for your health. However, remember to take just a small amount of fat and not more.

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