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People, generally, avoid visiting to the dentist until they develop some serious dental troubles pr their smile is affected due to the loss of tooth or missing tooth. This is not a healthy habit. It is recommended that you should visit your dentist atleast once in six months to improve your dental health. You can even make a visit to the dental clinics like Perfect Smile Spa, which provide quality dental treatments which help not only in improving your dental health but also the dental aesthetics. Thanks to the modern dentistry which include various dental treatment right from the simple teeth whitening to the replacement of the broken or damaged teeth with the new one. Do you know what has enabled modern dentistry possible? It is the modern dental instruments which enable dental treatments possible.

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Glance at the modern dentistry instruments

Some of the most common modern dentistry instruments include;

  • Air abrasion: It is the tool which is used as an alternative tool for the traditionally tooth drills. It is suitable for treating small cavities and maintaining the tooth stricture without using anesthetics.
  • CAT scanning system: This is one of the most advanced equipments which are used by the dentists which provide restorative and surgical implants. It helps in diagnosis of the jawbone and bone structure to provide right treatment to the patient.
  • Diagnodent: It is the diagnosing tool which helps in early diagnosis of cavities. Sound pulse and laser beam is used to detect the cavities with the help of this system.
  • Intra oral camera:  it is the small sized camera which can be easily placed in your mouth so that your complete denture is visible.  It is one of the most useful modern dentistry equipment as it helps in identification of the extent of dental problem and allows the dentist to see your inner teeth clearly to provide the treatment effectively.

There are many more instruments which help in treating different dental problems to bring smile back on your face.

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