Several Ways of Breeding Marijuana Seeds

With proper evidence and research, we can conclude that the cultivation process of cannabis dates back to at least 12000 years. It is considered to be one of the oldest types of farmed crops. Since that time various types of cannabis genetics of dr krippling seeds are selected and made sure that they are bred in such a manner that they serve a varied human population. In the past 50 years, a huge difference has been spotted in terms of quality, its diversity and its potentiality which could be attributed to the marijuana breeders directly.

Basic ways of breeding the marijuana seeds

To sprout the seeds is the first step and next is to decipher the characteristics of the seedlings. According to the nature of the same, it is put to breed in favourable conditions. To find out the thickness of the stalks to how fast they grow is to be noticed.

To start the 12-hour light and its cycle which is considered to be one of the most favourable types of growth for the cannabis. Within a week or two the development of the male and the female flowers are seen and in turn, it seems that it is one of the most favourable conditions of being bred. The most favourable temperature and condition are achieved once the kc brains come into existence.

It is important to find out the males which are most desirable and keep them separately in a room for 12 hours to let them grow. This is done so that the male does not contaminate the female plants which might cause a disturbance in the making of strains. It is to be ensured that none of the vectors of the male plant and its pollen grains gets transferred from the room of the male plants to the room of the female plants.

It is advisable to use plastics which are black under the male plants. This in turn ensures that you can evidently come across the pollen grains which look like a yellow powder.

When a trace of male plants are seen to produce pollen it is necessary to bring a small dry and sterile yet shallow glass with a wide mouth or just a plastic container inside the room of male plants. The next step is to place the container under the male flowers which are ripe. The flowers are then tapped to ensure that the pollen grains fall apart inside the container placed. This has to be continued until a great number of fresh pollen grains are acquired.

On the other hand, if the calculations are perfect then the female plants will be ready to pollinate at the same time the male flowers are ripe. The perfect type of germination takes place with v elementum seeds.  They tend to understand the process and get the breeding done in a better way.

However male flowers are prone to ripe at an early stage than that of the female flowers. Hence after the collection of the pollen from the male plants in a container, it has to be placed inside a refrigerator till the female flowers are ready to pollinate.

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