Risks And Benefits During Menopause Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy has been around for quite a while, especially for the reasons that menopauses brings along once its beings. Some treatments are available even in the pre-menopause as they will increase the success rate of the therapy once menopause actually begins. However, all treatments who bring some kind of benefits, usually, always have some kind of risk, and hormone therapy is no different.

There are various places where you can undergo hormone therapy if you are experiencing menopause, and one of the highly suggested places to check out is the Australian Menopause Centre if you happen to be in the area. If you are not in a situation to visit that center, you will probably find one with similar standards near your location if you do some research.

Some information about hormone therapy

There are a couple of stages when it comes to natural menopause. For starters, the perimenopause is the stage where the symptoms begin with erratic periods, the beginning of menopause, which is twelve months after the last period, and of course, postmenopause which represents all the years after menopause.

While hormone therapy does not have any stages, it definitely has types. Type one is the estrogen-only therapy where only estrogen hormones are provided during the treatment. Estrogen provides the biggest relief during menopause, and this therapy is provided to women who do not have a uterus due to hysterectomy.

The second type of hormone therapy is the one which involves estrogen as well as progestogen. This type is used for women who have a uterus in order to protect it against cancer which can be caused by estrogen alone.

The correct therapy will keep you happy throughout the whole day


There have been all kinds of studies regarding hormone therapy, and with that, there are all kinds of different results as well. Patients who have undergone hormone therapy from Australian Menopause Centre have experienced that a lot of their symptoms have been gone completely, or at least they have been lowered to a very minimum where they are not that much of an issue anymore.

Some of the conditions that have been dealt with are hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, and a couple of other ones. This definitely leads to better sleeping patterns, and sex relations have been significantly improved as well. Overall, the benefits bring quite a lot to quality of life.


Of course, while a treatment comes with some really good benefits, that does not mean that there are no risks involved. Even if the study on this topic has been ongoing for years, there are still some risks which cannot be explained as they can show up with complete randomness.

With that said, you should be aware of what you are getting into by accepting this treatment. Most of the risks show up in older women, that are above sixty years old, and they are usually blood clots in veins, or breast cancer, which is quite a serious issue.

Hormones might have some risks, but they are the best resolution out there

Final Word

While it is highly suggested that you undergo this treatment if menopause had a huge impact on your life ever since your body decided to not produce certain hormones, you should still consider if those issues are troublesome enough for you to take the risk and weigh it against the benefits that the treatment produces.

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