After Surgery

Nose Surgery After Care [หลัง เสริม จมูก, which is the term in Thai], you should have another grown-up stick with you the first night. You ought to plan on continuing to be within thirty miles from the place of your surgical treatment for this first night. It is also vital for you to maintain your head boosted the evening after the surgical procedure as well as for the first two weeks following surgery. This can be done by either oversleeping a reclining chair slanted at 45 degrees or sleeping with two cushions below your head. Stay clear of rolling onto your face. Resting on your back for the first two weeks after surgery aids to guarantee this.

Trendy compresses must be applied throughout the eyes for the first two days after surgical treatment. This entails several washcloths as well as a basin of ice water. These washcloths need to be changed out of the basins every twenty to half an hour to maintain them cool. The clean cloths should be used diagonally over each eye as well as crisscrossed over the temple. The nurse will show you how to do this before you leave healing.

Daily Care

This treatment will be reviewed the morning following your surgical treatment:

Go over suture lines inside the nose three times daily with hydrogen peroxide on a Q-tip. Hereafter, once again with a Q-tip apply a liberal quantity of Vaseline ointment. The stitches inside the nose are dissolvable as well as maintaining them lubed helps accelerate the procedure.

You might bathe the second day following the surgical procedure, but it is important to maintain the tape and splint on your nose completely dry at all times. Baths are a better option for most individuals. Make certain to utilize a mild hair shampoo.

Make sure to report quickly any kind of indications of bleeding that continues for greater than ten minutes, inflammation, infection, high temperature, unusual water drainage, or pain.

Stitches, if present, will be removed the 7th day after surgical treatment.

Following the removal of the tape as well as the splint, you will require to delicately clean your nose twice a day two help reduce oiliness.

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