Most Popular Complaints Women Have About Their Bodies

When it comes to your body, we are sure there are multiple complaints that you may have. Everybody has complaints about their body, even those women who we see as completely gorgeous. In fact, we tend to be our cruelest enemy when it comes to judging our looks. Let’s see what the majority of women are complaining about when it comes to their own bodies.


We knew this one wouldn’t surprise you. Most women are not happy with their current weight. They jump on the scale in the morning and let the number reveal how they are going to feel about the day. The best advice for this one is to throw out the scale and plan your day based off of how your body feels.


“I’m too tall” or “I’m too short” are more common complaints that women have about their bodies. Many will make up for the difference with always wearing flats or five-inch heels.

Varicose Veins

These bad boys just don’t want to go away. It’s true that legs come in all sizes and some have more veins showing than others. Having sclerotherapy in Boise performed on your body can help to reduce the appearance of these veins and give you the boost in confidence you need.


Yes, another one we are sure you were thinking. Most women are not too pleased with their bust size or look. Once the bra comes off the words come out. They are too small, too large, too saggy, or not full enough. The list goes on and on.

The Tummy Pouch

Whether it’s some extra weight or just bloating, the tummy pouch is a common problem for most women. Hiding that little pouch under sweat pants seems to be the common solution for most.

Stretch Marks

They show up all over the place. On the stomach from pregnancy is the most widely known. Other areas due to increased growth spurts or excess fat include the love handles, under arms, breasts, and thighs. Ladies, it’s time to get out your cocoa butter and start massaging them away.

Wide Hips

Most women, contrary to popular belief, have wide hips. They can make us feel self-conscious about sticking out too far. The truth is that many women have wide hips, and no they aren’t fat. This is just a common feature of the female body and most men love them.


This ugly cottage cheese-like skin imperfection is a craze of many women. They spend hours at the tanning salon and wear longer clothes to cover up theirĀ cellulite. Ladies, most people don’t even notice that you have it! It’s only your judgemental eyes telling you that your cellulite is on display for the entire world to see.


There are two sides of the coin on this one. There are the women who don’t have enough junk in the trunk and there are women who have way too much junk in their trunks. Either way, we just don’t tend to be satisfied with the appearance of your backends.

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