Meal Plan for Enhancing Your Memory and Brain Functions

We all wish for an amazing memory and brain functioning so that we can work smart and save time. Nature has blessed us with amazing foods that can fulfill the needs of our body. Pretty much like any other organ of our body, our brain too needs certain nutrients to function to its best. To make sure you are giving your brain the kind of foods that improve memory, you can follow the below given meal plan. To make it interesting, add whatever spices or toppings you love. You can have these foods every day or mostly daily to give your brain all of what it needs.

  1. Add virgin olive oil to your diet

Out of all kinds of oils, virgin olive oil can be called the best oil for your entire body. Studies show that the elements that it contains are very good for the brain specifically. Having virgin olive oil in your diet might help you prevent Alzheimer’s disease as you grow old. It contains Vitamin E, which helps lessening chances of possible Alzheimer’s disease. However, as you buy olive oil, make sure you buy the one that reads ‘extra virgin’ or ‘virgin’ olive oil. This is because light olive oils undergo certain chemical processes. These processes might wash away the beneficial nutrients present in olive oil.

  1. Have at least one serving of leafy vegetables

As you have salad, it is very important to include leafy vegetables in your salad bowl if you want an amazing cognitive functioning in a long run. Leafy vegetables have the ability to slow down the process of mental aging. In fact, leafy vegetables so amazing that having them regularly for a long time (about 5 years) can bring a very steep decline in mental aging process as compared to those who don’t consume leafy vegetables.

  1. Have 3 servings of whole grains a day

Whole grains are another category of foods that are great for the brain. However, make sure you only consume whole grains. When it comes to grains, organic grains are most preferred. Processed grains would do more bad than good to the body and brain. Whole grains directly benefit the cardiovascular health by promoting a healthy blood flow. The functioning of your brain depends a lot on the right blood flow to the brain. This is how whole grains ensure an overall optimal brain functioning.

  1. Include moderate amounts of wine in diet

Wine has for long been in various recipes. Wine is a household alcohol form that doesn’t just make the head feel light after a long tiring day. Research and studies prove that wine can help you get rid of the toxins in the brain and also decrease inflammation. However, it is very important to keep a check on the amounts. Alcohol in excess has obvious adverse effects on overall health. This is why; adding wine to various recipes in minimal amounts is a good idea to keep healthy.

  1. 3 servings of beans in a week

A deficiency of Vitamin B can cause various motor problems, and also give way to early dementia. This is why it is very important to include enough amounts of Vitamin B sources in your diet. Beans are the best source of Vitamin B. you can include beans in soups and salads along with other vegetables. If that doesn’t seem appetizing enough, you can also snack it, adding your favorite ingredients to it.

These are the serving quantities of different foods you should include in your diet in order take care of your brain functioning. While religiously sticking to this plan can be a tough task, trying is not a bad idea.

Peter Simpson

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