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When the carbohydrate intake is reduced, the body is forced to go into the process of Ketosis. Ketosis is a state when the body goes in when there is need of body fat breakdown for energy. The state is marked by high levels of ketines in the blood which is then used by the body as fuel. In ketosis, the level of ketones can be between normal to very high.Ketosis will take place when there is not sufficient glucose available in the body to provide energy. This can typically happen when the body is having reduced insulin levels and glucose levels become high.

Keto Diet

Keto diet is prescribed by those who want to burn fat quickly by taking the effective keto diet foods.The keto diet works for high percentage of people because it targets many keys such as weight reducing, hormonal imbalances, diabetic control, acne problems, etc.

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Here are some examples of low-carb high-fat foods on the keto diet food list which you can expect to eat a lot to give good and healthy results:

  • High amounts of healthy fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil and some nuts and seeds. Fats are a typical part of every ketogenic recipe.
  • All sort of leafy vegetables which are non-starchy including broccoli, asparagus, cucumber, etc.
  • Foods that are high in protein taken in moderate amounts include pasture-raised poultry, grass-fed meat or cage-free eggs. Protein intake should be between one and 1.5 grams per kilogram of your body weight.
  • On a strict Keto diet, fats should provide about 70% to 80% of daily calories, proteins about 18% to 20%, and carbohydrates just only 5% of toal calories.

For omnivores running on keto diet, the most common mistake is eating too much protein rich food.

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