Knee Replacement Surgery in Singapore – A Huge Lifesaver!

Years before I availed for a total knee replacement in Singapore, chronic knee pain plagued me. There are a few occasions where the sensation would ramp up to be severe, but not always. I think it’s one of those reasons that keep me from undergoing a knee replacement. As time goes on, I find it more difficult to take steps without experiencing pain. It has become more common, including the severe ones where I would have an ‘attack’ in the joint.

The Pre-Surgery Condition

As someone in their 50s and an experienced sports athlete, I find it hard to accept the experience. While my loved ones and my wife encouraged me to get treatment or surgery, I was still quite foolishly reluctant because I couldn’t give up doing what I love just yet! I have that usual realisation that I wasn’t getting any younger, but my mind couldn’t move on with time. Unfortunately, my body was already in the first line of the race. Growing old is certainly difficult!

I didn’t entertain the idea of getting knee replacement surgery in Singapore until this year. I was confronted with the experience that the condition became unbearable for me to participate in playing sports because of the knee pain. Not to mention, I also have terrible rheumatoid arthritis, and my knees sometimes get swollen. I found myself avoiding other activities I often did five years before (but with occasional pain). Since then, I knew it was already interfering with my daily routine. I wasn’t able to do much then before the procedure. However, it’s no longer part of my problem anymore!

The Post-Surgery Experience

After a knee replacement surgery at Specialist Orthopaedic Centre, I can now return to my normal routine! Jogging and playing sports were now pain-free. I can tell that getting surgery has radically changed my life as someone in their 50s and nearing my 60s. Times change, but these types of treatment were a life-saver to reverse and regain my ability to perform things I love. An orthopaedic doctor near me was able to allow me to get back to playing sports every weekend. 

The feeling was never the same before and after the surgery. It was truly a life-changing experience, which may sound exaggerated for many, but it was refreshing. Home remedies weren’t doing well enough to relieve me from the pain, swelling and discomfort. It has gotten to the point where you could almost cut off your knee from the pain. But it is certainly just a response when having these awful feelings to the point where your body part is almost ‘inferior’. 

Now having zero pain, I don’t have to ditch activities, except for painkillers and a few medications I would no longer need. So far, I was thankful to the surgeon and staff who helped me along the way. I couldn’t be thankful enough to the Specialist Orthopaedic Centre for helping me along the way! I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for a knee replacement and ACL surgery in Singapore.

Peter Simpson

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