Factors that affect Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA’s) Salaries

Certified nursing assistants (CNA’s) are in huge demand throughout the United State Of America. All states provide different salaries and have varying employment levels for CNA professionals. On the basis of education and experience, the salary of the CNAs differs from one state to other in the USA. Besides, your geographical location, the settings where you work and the number of hours you render your duties directly or indirectly influence the amount of your salary check. Here is the list of 5 states that offered highest salaries to these professionals:

Name Of The State   Salary (per Annum) / Salary (per Hour)
Massachusetts $30,010 / $14.43
Connecticut $31,950 / $15.36
Nevada $32,130 / $15.45
New York $32,130 / $15.45
Alaska $35,440 / $17.04

The salary of the CNA’s is affected by many factors such as the health-care facility in which a nurse is employed, the state in which s/he lives, the years of experience in this profession, etc. Apart from this, performance in the practical exam, interview or ability to negotiate decides the salary figures of a CNA as well. Get the latest news on CNA careers with the help of useful blog sites like cnapracticetesting.com

Factors That May Affect the CNA Salary:

Working State

The salary of a nurse varies greatly in different states in the USA. The top paying states, as of May 2013 are Alaska, New York, Nevada, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Additionally, metro cities provide hefty packages than rural areas as per the survey conducted by US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Experience in Respective Field

We know that fresher’s earn lower incomes than experienced nurses. So, the year’s experience in this field can raise the salary. The health-care facility can ask for a higher pay scale according to your previous designation and experience.


For entry level jobs, salary is defined according to industry standards, but it is still important to negotiate for a good starting salary. You can talk to your employer about salary assessment or increment after completion of an advanced nursing course.

The Health-Care Facility

The health-care facility is the key factor in calculating the CNA salary. Keep in mind that you may end up in getting lesser wage than you deserve if you don’t choose the employer with caution. Nursing homes generally provide lower wage as compared to hospitals.

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