Exercise and arthritis: Swimming

When suffering from arthritis there isn’t too much exercise you can do that doesn’t cause you pain. But even when you deal with this disease you still need to work out. The best sport for you is swimming. Having zero impact on your body, swimming helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle while strengthening your muscles, building cardiovascular endurance and has no negative impact on your joints.

Swimming is relaxing and, when done properly, it has a great effect on your body. It fortifies the muscles, builds endurance and cardiovascular fitness, helps you maintain a healthy body, heart and lungs and provides good low impact therapy for some conditions, arthritis included.

More often than not, when people think about exercise they think of hard and tiring training.  When you add arthritis on top of that, you think of amplified joint pain, muscular pain or both. But swimming is relaxing and comforting, even when you suffer from this disease. When you swim you disconnect while improving your health.  Doctors recommend practicing moderate exercise when you suffer from arthritis. Sports like yoga and lap swimming, at your own pace, reduce the pain, increase the mobility of the suffering joint, reduce the fatigue and make you feel better overall.

 And while daily exercise helps a lot, you can also use special products which add compression to the affected area of the body. The best example of medically developed products is Doctor Arthritis’ copper infused range of gloves and sleeves. The compression gloves for the hand and the compression sleeves for the ankle, elbow, knee, calf and foot help you relief pain in targeted areas of the body. Doctor Arthritis is founded by two practicing doctors who have been treating arthritis patients for many years now. They realized the existing need for professional products and have developed, alongside a team of experts, the copper infused compression sleeves and gloves. With these products, they aim to help not only their patients, but as many people as possible affected with the disease. Their compression gloves and sleeves work magic when it comes to joint and or muscular pain relief but the two medics are advocates of regular exercise for an improved lifestyle when you suffer from arthritis.

This is why swimming is a great exercise option when you suffer from the disease affecting the joint and muscles. It has zero negative impact on the aching body area while it strengthens the muscles around it. Because when stiffness from arthritis settles in, the worst thing to do is to stop moving. If you want to see a redress in your life, never stop exercising your body. Many people refuse to work out because of arthritis pain, but keep in mind, the more you exercise the better you feel. And even though pain will not disappear for good, it will very much ameliorate. So go for a swim and relieve some pain.


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