Does Holding Your Cell Phone Damage Your Brain?

Health studies published worldwide report using a cell phone over 10 minutes per day break down the body’s blood brain barrier allowing harmful toxins in the blood to enter into the brain. Government Studies link cell phone use to tumors.

While the cell phone industry committee debates the health significance of these powerful cell phone radio signals exposing the brain to radiation, it’s hard to argue the point when cell phone manufacturers display RF exposure warnings inside the phone and instruction manual. (e.g., iPhones by selecting Settings, About, Legal, then RF Exposure.)

Cruz phone cases ( claims to be one of the best radiation blocking cases on the market. Cell phones transmit a powerful pulsed microwave signals in all directions from the cell phone. Cruz cases block and reflect back this radiation directed out of the front of the phone into the brain. These radio signals are reflect out the back of the phone towards the cell tower. “Our goal is to provide the best radiation blocking phone case on the market”, states John Cruz/Founder of Cruz Cases.

Cruz Phone Cases support over 22 different cell phones. Cases are sale at

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