Do You Need Shoe Orthotics?

This is one of the most common questions that podiatrists get asked, and in most cases, people who are wearing orthotics all the time do not even need them. So, if you are wondering if you need orthotics and if they will be able to help you with any feet issues you might be having, this article will surely be of help.

The two helpers:

  1. Inserts – you can purchase at any drug store without a prescription and they are usually used to cushion and support your feet. But it is always better to visit your podiatrist before randomly deciding you need inserts, so check out or any other local podiatry clinic and schedule an appointment.

Your shoes might be the main culprit causing you to have pain in your feet

  1. Orthotics – are different from inserts, as they are devices that are prescribed for the user to wear them inside their shoes. They are made in a way to help correct the biomechanical issues with your feet, such as the problems you might be having while standing, running or walking. They can help with some underlying conditions as well, such as diabetes.

Depending on your case and the severity of the problem, it is always a better idea to visit your podiatrist and get a professional opinion. In some cases, getting inserts that were not needed can worsen the condition or just be a waste of money.

What your podiatrist will check

After making an appointment, your podiatrist will probably take a 3D image of both of your feet and then do a thorough examination. This will include watching your feet as you walk, stand or maybe even run on a treadmill. It is important for the podiatrist to see just how you walk and how do your ankles, legs, feet, and hips move.

If you end up needing orthotics, your foot doctor will make a precise mold of your feet, which means that those devices will be made just for your feet. It is very important to make them fit just perfectly, and once the mold is ready, a professional will soften the sharp edges and make them fit you right.

Many think that such orthotics are very expensive, and that really depends both on the clinic and the type of orthotics you need. If you want to know about the custom orthotics cost from Orthotic Solutions Podiatry you can check that out on the site, or call your local podiatry clinic and ask the doctor.

If you love to run and exercise you need to have the proper footwear too

Orthotics you might need:

  1. Rigid orthotics – also known as functional orthotics, that are made from materials such as carbon fiber or plastic. They are great for walking or dress shoes that have a closed toe and low heel and they are designed to ease the foot strains and aches.
  2. Soft orthotics – also known as accommodative orthotics are made to provide cushioning and take off the pressure from uncomfortable sore spots, that can be caused by plantar fasciitis or even diabetic ulcers. Because they have a bulk, your podiatrist might prescribe you the right footwear that goes along with these types of orthotics.

Final word

It is always a safe option to choose the orthotics that your podiatrist has prescribed, instead of purchasing a pair that you do not even know if you need. Keep in mind that if you lead an active life, and you spend most of your time on your feet, regular podiatry visits are mandatory.

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