Direct Relation Between Depression And Loss Of Sex Drive

Depression is the silent killer that is being seen nowadays that people are going through it. Depression and loss of sex-driven go hand in hand. Neurotransmitters the chemicals in the brain get affected by the depression. When the balance of these receptors gets disturbed that is what responsible for the loss of sex drive.

But there is nothing to worry about depression, as now we are having the natural medicine that is very effective in it. Cannabis oil has proven itself to be the best medicines with the benefits of treating depression and anxiety-like issues.

When it comes to boosting your mood and sense of self-worth then anti-depressants are the good one. But there are some forms of antidepressants that can cause the sexual issues. So, before going for any kind of medications must visit your doctors for the well advised.

The anti-depressants that cause sexual issues are called as SSRIs and they have the side effects that no one does want. There are many sexual issues associated with the anti-depressants like the inability to start or initiate and even sometimes it is seen that one is unable to enjoy the sexual contact.

The best treatment plan is needed for those who are having depression and sexual problem. Dealing with the depression first by the anti-depressant medications that aren’t known for dampening the libido should be the initial step.

Doctors deal with the different method when the patient is a sufferer of depression and sex problem at the same time. Solving issues from the start are the first motive of the doctors to make their patient free from such dire situations.

The relation between depression and sex drive is quite complex. Sometimes depression makes you to unable to enjoy the sex but on the other hand sex boost up the mood and that shield you from feeling negative about yourself.

According to the studies, the exposed semen helps one to fight against depression. Chronic depression can harm you in any part of the life, which also includes sex life. Sex is the foundation of relationship and one should never stop doing sex if they don’t like it, as you know sex can help in boosting your mood at the same time that can directly help in curing depression.

Sometimes people get confused in that when they don’t like to sex than are they suffering from depression. There are various factors that are responsible for the loss of sex drive but it might be possible that you are suffering from depression. However, it can be the symptom of something else. Unfortunately, there is a relation between loss of sex drive and depression but there is a treatment for them also. Never avoid symptoms that show that you a depression patient as early treatment make difference and you can reduce the risk of having other issues associated with depression. Cannabis is the best medicine with the incredible benefits and that is proved in the treatment of depression.

Peter Simpson

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