Chinese Opportunities Market in Health and E-Commerce

China Embraces Cross-Border Ecommerce is growing in a big way creating ripples across the globe, with the popularity growing astronomically.

As China has connected online in a big way, the digital shopping in China is increased by more than 70% in 2015. The online shoppers for the popular Chinese products are increasing annually by a whopping 19.7%. The surge is on as China embraces cross-border ecommerce with no slowdown in sight. Alibaba is the e-commerce in an enormous scale surpassing the nearest competitor by leaps and bounds. The other famous ecommerce platforms are BtoC website Tmall.

The growth of the cross-border ecommercesales has increased from $30 to $85.76 from 2014 to 2016. The digital customers for Chines products show an upward trend. In other words between 2014 and 2016, the online buyers doubled which is a clear trend. By 2020, Chinese online market would touch $245

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