An Insider’s Guide to Teaching English in Peru

Peru is a beautiful country with a diverse culture, rich history, and natural landscapes. There is a great demand for English language teachers in Peru, and if you’re interested in teaching abroad, it is a great opportunity to explore a unique and vibrant country, while gaining valuable teaching experience. In this blog post, we will delve into the basics of Teach English in Peru, including what qualifications and experience you need, what to expect from the classroom environment, and what resources are available to support you as a teacher.

Qualifications and Experience Requirements

To teach English in Peru, it is not mandatory to have a TEFL certification or a degree in Education, but having one of these qualifications can open up more opportunities and lead to higher salaries. Most language schools in Peru require teachers to hold a bachelor’s degree, and some schools prefer teachers with previous teaching experience. It is important to research specific requirements for each school or program before applying.

Classroom Environment

Class sizes in Peru can vary from small one-on-one lessons to large groups of up to 30 students. The classrooms can vary from high-tech modern facilities to more traditional settings with blackboards and chalk. Class schedules can also vary depending on the language school or program, but most classes are held in the afternoon or evening to accommodate students’ busy schedules. In some cases, teachers may be required to travel to multiple locations to teach different classes during the week.

Available Resources and Support

Many language schools and programs in Peru provide teachers with training and resources, including curriculum materials, lesson plans, and access to teaching aids like projectors, textbooks, and online resources. In addition, teacher support networks can be found through online forums and social media groups, where teachers can connect with other professionals in the field and share resources and advice.

Cost of Living and Salary Expectations

Peru is an affordable country to live in, and teachers can expect to live comfortably while making a modest salary. The average salary for an English teacher in Peru is between $500-$1,000 USD per month, but this can vary depending on experience, qualifications, and the language school or program. The cost of living in Peru is relatively low, and teachers can expect to spend between $500-$700 USD per month on accommodation, food, and other living expenses.

Cultural Experience

Teaching English in Peru is not only a great opportunity to gain valuable teaching experience, but also to immerse yourself in a unique and vibrant culture. Peru is home to many historical sites, such as Machu Picchu, museums, and art galleries, as well as delicious cuisine, exotic landscapes, and a friendly and welcoming population. As a teacher in Peru, you can experience all of this while making a positive impact on the lives of your students.


In summary, teaching English in Peru is a unique and rewarding experience, offering valuable teaching experience and an opportunity to immerse yourself in a vibrant culture. The requirements to become a teacher in Peru are flexible, and the country offers a low cost of living while providing a comfortable lifestyle. In addition, teachers can expect to receive support from their language school or program, as well as connect with a community of professionals across the country. If you’re considering teaching abroad, Peru is definitely a country worth considering.

Peter Simpson

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