An Effective Solution For Droopy Eyes Revealed

Also known as Ptosis, droopy eyes can affect one or even both of your sense of sight. When the edge of your upper eyelid falls, your upper visual field could be hindered.

Can’t identify if you have droopy eyes or not? It’s easy. One of these days, you’re going to have hard time keeping your eyes open. Typically, you will feel eyestrain as well as your brow ache once you’ve exert effort on raising your eyelids.  For severe scenarios, you may need to tilt your head back for you to see right from under your lid.

What’s the best solution for this?

Are you searching for the right treatment for your droopy eyelid problem?  An oculoplastic surgeon can greatly help you to tighten and reposition your skin and muscles in your eyelids in order to finally address your problem. Lots of benefits (and complication as well) awaits you.  Though your upper lids can cured  alone, few patients still opt for lower eyelid plastic surgery by Dr Naveen Somia and combination of blepharoplasty procedure. Know why these patients choose to trust a droopy eyelid surgeon in treating their visual address.

What can cause the eyelid to droop?

There are plenty of reasons and on top of it is your advancing age.  Due to weakened levator muscle, the oneresponsible on lifting your upper eyelid, it causes then eyelid ptosis or droopy upper eyelids.  This can be also simulated through saggy and loose upper lid skin once your skin starts to lose it elastic feature.  As soon as this happens, a surgical treatment can be a good choice and may be needed . However, it will still depend on the symptoms, which is linked into droopy eyelids.  Also, it can cause muscular disease, tumors, eye trauma or nerve injury.  Congenital ptosis can be acquired too that is present during birth.

Your droopy eyes is not just a major concern for cosmetic surgery industry but as well as for medical institution.

Ask help from a reliable surgeon

Dr. Naveen Somia – plastic surgeon in Bondi, a reliable surgeon for your droopy eyes can help you adjust your lid’s position, eliminate excess skin or tighten your skin or muscle.  He has a good track record and has proven excellence in his field. Without a doubt, he can assist  They will absolutely give their best to achieve more satisfying look and treat different vision issues. Once you’ve corrected your drooping eyes, you can now avoid any future issue like lazy eye or astigmatism. Therefore, if you are experiencing droopy eyes, fix them as early as you can whether it is due to disease, age, congenital issues from your birth or injury.

To get more information about droopy eyes and the right treatment for it, search for the best local eye surgeon which could suggest the suited procedure for your condition.  Whether it needs blepharoplasty or correction of your upper eyelids, an ocuplastic surgeon can provide assistance to meet the best possible result accurate for you.


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