A Simple Guide to Hiring a Confinement Nanny in Singapore

The most common error by expectant parents is underestimating how challenging raising a baby can be. The first month after giving birth is critical for both the baby’s development and your recovery. Many parents find themselves unable to devote time to anything other than their infant at this time. It can be solved when you hire a reputable confinement nanny in Singapore.

4 Types of Confinement Nanny

The tasks of confinement nannies focus on the mother’s confinement care, infant care, and performance of fundamental domestic duties. Having them nearby also helps you rest comfortably and recuperate while knowing that other vital concerns are in good hands. Hire the following confinement nanny types in Singapore according to your requirements.

#1 Full-Time, Live-In or All-Day Nanny

One of the most common confinement lady types from agencies in Singapore most parents hire is a full-time nanny. They live with the family and help look after the infant throughout their contracts. You will have 24-hour direction and home supervision with a full-time nanny. Furthermore, you will learn new information and abilities by observing how they care for your infant. Hence, you will obtain adequate sleep and recuperate better during your postpartum recovery journey.

#2 Part-Time, Live-Out or Daytime Nanny

A part-time confinement nanny will work with their hours, which often begin in the morning and conclude in the evening. The primary difference between this and the former is that a daytime nanny will not reside with you for the duration of their job. Due to their limited time at your home, a part-time confinement lady from an agency in Singapore is unlikely to do as many house duties daily.

#3 Freelance

Many parents opt to hire a freelance confinement lady because of a recommendation from a friend or family member. However, when you hire a freelance confinement nanny at the last minute, there is a probability that they will not be available. Since they are not under contract with any agency, freelancing nannies have the independence and ability to choose their employers. You may need to directly talk with them to inquire about their readiness to perform fundamental home responsibilities since not all of them will include it in their recommended employment rules.

#4 Temporary

The temporary confinement lady is another popular choice among first-time parents. Understandably, many couples are unsure and frightened of allowing a stranger to remain in their home during the crucial confinement time. Clients can only employ a temporary confinement nanny on an as-needed basis for several days or weeks. However, note that a temporary confinement lady in Singapore (from an agency or freelance) would likely have their timetable planned ahead of time and might not accommodate you. Yet, it is still an excellent cost-cutting option. Nevertheless, it is hazardous since you will only experience the hardship of parenting and the convenience of having a nanny after you have delivered.


5 Things to Look for in a Confinement Nanny

You may have decided to hire a confinement nanny in Singapore to help you on those days. A confinement nanny may genuinely be a lifesaver for a new mother. However, there are a few things to contemplate over. Here are some things you should consider before hiring a confinement nanny.

#1 Affection for Infants

The confinement nanny you hire from a Singapore agency must like working with children. All infants, not just the adorable ones with dimples. The colicky ones, the ones who would pee on their clothing while bathing them. Even the most easy-going infants may be stressed and have terrifying outbursts. Regardless of the challenges, your nanny should love infants enough to do whatever is required.

#2 Sleeps Lightly

Being a heavy sleeper is not a deal breaker in most job descriptions. However, it certainly is for confinement ladies. Most mothers hire a nanny from agencies in Singapore to have someone take overnight feeds or attend to their needs at night. When the baby screams or indicates pain, it is critical that the nanny detects these sounds and is prepared to calm them.

#3 Effective Communicator

Effective communication is critical if your confinement nanny is not a local. A language barrier may arise. However, even if you and your nanny speak the same language, the accent may be too prominent for clear comprehension. It is especially pertinent if you hire a nanny through an agency in Singapore and have never met her before.

#4 Similar Core Beliefs and Values

You must communicate your preferences before you hire a nanny in Singapore. It is to ensure that she is pleasant and that your tastes do not conflict with her own set of views and approach. Do not hesitate to speak out. It is your child that they are looking after, and if something bothers you, let it be known.

#5 Compatibility

Chemistry or compatibility is essential in any relationship. However, it is especially imperative in one as intimate and emotionally charged as this work. There are many cases where parents choose a confinement lady due to a recommendation they receive from a friend or relative. Yet, they end up clashing with each other. Chemistry or compatibility is the lubricant that helps to relieve tensions and prevents possible disputes from occurring. Trust your instincts and go with someone you feel at ease with when selecting a confinement nanny in Singapore.

The period following birth is essential for both you and your baby. You will both require particular care and attention throughout the postnatal period. During this time, you may need the assistance of another person to provide support, comfort, and care to avoid health concerns. Services, facilities, and postnatal care packages vary for every confinement nanny agency in Singapore. Conduct thorough research to determine what you would best need in the confinement period.

Choose a Reputable Confinement Agency

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