6 Discreet Ways To Carry Incontinence Care Supplies

While it is true that getting sick is an inevitable part of life, no one wants to feel unwell. The good news is that the medical industry has dramatically developed over the last centuries. People suffering from incontinence can get proper care and use quality supplies.

However, using a catheter might make some people feel embarrassed, especially if it is discovered in public. If you have the same mindset, the following ways will help you carry and store your incontinence care supplies.

1. Your Clothes

Instead of placing the catheter, its tube, and the catheter lubricant packet, you can hide these beneath your clothes. You can use the tiny pocket on your pants to hide the catheter lubricant packet and slide the tube up to your sleeves. You may tuck the catheter into the waistband of your pants if it does not have a tiny pocket .

2. Makeup Pouch

Besides your clothes, your makeup pouch is also a good hiding place. You can store enough incontinence care supplies that you will use for the day.

3. Eyeglasses Or Pencil Case

If you often lend your makeup pouch to others, you can keep the continence care products inside your eyeglasses or pencil case.

4. Service Dog Backpack

Are you out for a walk or jog with your dog to the nearest park? Using a urinary catheter should not stop you from your routine. But in case of an emergency, use a service dog backpack for your incontinence care supplies and wrap it around your furry friend.

5. Plastic Medicine Box

A plastic medicine box will come in handy if you plan to hide your catheter and other continence care products away from your visitors. No one will suspect there are other things inside besides the first aid kit.

6. Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are not only for decoration but also a good hiding place. As long as it has a lid, you can store and well your incontinence care supplies inside.

Now that you know some good hiding spots for your incontinence care supplies, it will not be hard to hide a catheter at home and in public places.

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