Types of micro sales funnels

Many people only focus on the main sales funnels such as sale pages and deal closing pages. These are important but the usage of micro funnels is equally important in the online business. Micro funnels combine with the other funnels and together it helps you to boost up the profit and generate high sales revenue. These micro funnels bind up your business management activities and help you to attract the audience towards your products. You can get some of the best pre build funnels which are suitable for all types of business from the clickfunnels. You can check out the clickfunnels pricing structure to get more information.

Three main components of micro sales funnels are:

  • Landing page – landing pages are very important to attract the audience at first site. This is like creating the first image before your visitors. These landing pages should be simple yet effective enough to make them explore more about your products. You can create some of the best landing pages with the help of clickfunnels pricing plans.
  • Pop up pages – pop up pages is the deal giving pages which are full of exclusive deal on your site. With the help of conversation pages you can understand what your customers want from you and then give them pop up pages deals accordingly. You can create some of the amazing looking pop up pages and conversation using clickfunnels. These pages can have so much potential that it can convert your leads to the regular customers. Checking out clickfunnels pricing 2019 will let you grab the best deals.
  • Thank you pages – creating a thank you page makes your customer happy and shows them a warm full gesture from you. Many companies ignore this micro funnel stage. You should definitely thank your customers for shopping your products. Creating this page is very simple and quick and your customers will appreciate your thoughts.

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