Things You Need To Know About Under-Eye Fat

Have you ever looked into the mirror and noticed swelling under the eyes? The fat under the eye area may make you feel alarmed and change the way you look. Often the puffiness below the eyes resembles bags and may be a cause of health concern. You need to check the situation with the doctor and get the necessary treatment to the fat-like appearance below the eyes. Typically, the fat below the eyes tend to occur with aging it begins with a little bit of swelling pr puffiness around the lower eyelids. Although the bags are rarely a cause of health concern, it may change the appearance of the skin.

Reasons for the appearance of fat

If you probe a little deeper, you are sure to discover the muscles and tissues supporting the eyelids become weak and cause the skin to swell under the eyes. Usually, the eyes start sinking into the lower eyelids and make your eyes look puffier. With bag-like formation below the eyes, they may contain fluids. If the salt intake is more than usual, your body may contain more fluid and promotes the formation of dark circles. Some of the reasons of fat accumulation under the skin are allergies, smoking, sinus, lack of sleep, stress, and heredity. Initially, the fat below the eyes may appear as dark circles but later it forms a bag-like appearance and the overall skin on the face tends to sag.

Prevention of eye fat

If you want to avoid therapeutic procedures to treat under-eye fat [ไขมันใต้ตา, which is the term in Thai], you need to apply cucumber and tea bags. Besides, you can also apply cold compress on the area and lift your head a little when fluid tends to collect below the eyes. Apart from this, you need to stop smoking and get the contact tested before putting them every time. However, when all home-made procedures fail to treat fat below the eyes, blepharoplasty or a minimally-invasive surgical procedure can treat the problem right.

Peter Simpson

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