Thermage Skin Tightening

Contrary to our inner youthfulness, the body sometimes does not play along. With age, we discover the first wrinkles, our tissue is thinner, has less elasticity, and slackened. The skin begins to break down collagen and elastin fibers faster than they can be renewed.

Could one adapt the externals to the inner attitude with Thermage, you can turn back time a few years. It provides a gentle, minimally invasive treatment without surgery, injection, or scarring.

How Does Thermage Work?

Thermage is a gentle, highly secure, and patented high-frequency treatment method by gentle heating specific layers of the skin’s existing collagen remodeling and the formation of new collagen stimulates. In return, the surface of the skin is cooled by the patented Therma Cool System to make the treatment more comfortable.

The collagen fibers are heated and contract to about 1/3, resulting in a tightening. In addition, collagen production is stimulated. Unlike laser treatments, Thermage can be used on all skin types. Since the treatment is simple and uncomplicated, outpatient treatment is standard. In the clinical test’s been proven, Thermage is the minimally invasive treatment method that, while a tighter skin leads, thus smooth wrinkles and facial contours visibly improved.

How Does The Skin Change After Treatment, And How Long Does This Effect Last

Immediately after treatment with Thermage, the skin feels firmer and smoother. In addition, an additional streamlining process will take place in the next two to nine months. The maximum effect due to the new collagen formation reaches its peak after about six months. Depending on the lifestyle and aging process, a Thermage treatment will last two to three years or more.

Are There Any Side Effects Or Restrictions

Since Thermage has been on the market for several years, the following statistics were obtained:

In well over 600,000 patients treated worldwide, side effects were observed in less than 0.2 percent. It was a slight, two to four hours of redness, rarely low swelling, or bumps in the treated area indicated. However, these findings were short-lived. Rarely, it can lead to slight redness, similar to sunburn. Most patients can go about their normal life immediately after treatment.

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