Symptoms & Treatments for Hip Labral Tear at Hospitals in Singapore

A hip labral tear is an injury to the labrum. It is a ring of cartilage on the hip joint that helps maintain the bones in place and the fluid movement of the joint. Tears are typically the result of trauma and are often due to hip injuries. Read on for the symptoms to seek hip labral tear treatment from specialists in Singapore.

2 Types of Labral Tears

A hip labral tear in patients in Singapore can happen at any point along with the labrum. There are two tear types doctors can diagnose in patients. It depends on which region of the joint is injured. They are:


    • Anterior hip labral tears are the most prevalent form in patients. These rips happen at the front of the hip joint.


  • Posterior tears are less likely to happen to most people. The rips for posterior labral tears happen at the rear portion of the hip joint.

2 Types of Treatments

Your trusted orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore will provide two main treatment options. Though nonsurgical therapies are the primary recommendations, surgery can be your best option depending on the tear and discomfort.

#1 Nonsurgical

Nonsurgical therapies for hip labral tears focus on symptom management and avoiding future labral damage. Rest and activity adjustment can help prevent or eliminate movements that can worsen the injury. Pain and inflammation management use over-the-counter, steroid, or anaesthetic drugs. Furthermore, physical therapy can help you strengthen and extend your hip muscles for better support and less pain.

#2 Surgical

You don’t need to receive hip replacement surgery at a hospital in Singapore for a severe case. Repairing a hip labral tear may entail removing frayed bits of the labrum, sewing the rip back together, or replacing a missing piece with tissue through arthroscopic surgery. If you have hip impingement, the surgeon will reshape the bones in your hip joint to slide freely.

Advanced Orthopaedic and Sports Centre specialises in rehabilitating orthopaedic and sports injuries, joint preservation and repair. They also provide total hip arthroplasty to patients in Singapore. Make an appointment with the clinic if you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your hip or knees.

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