Stomach Liposuction, And What You Need To Know

If you are not happy with all the fat around your stomach, and you do not want to surrender to exercise and diet, you might want to consider having a liposuction surgery done. There are many great places where they will do a great job; for example, check out the liposuction procedure in Melbourne by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne.

Currently, liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures done in the USA. There is no magic wand that will make all your belly fat go away, but liposuction can help you feel and look better quite fast. This is a solution to make all your unwanted belly fat go away.

Have a great start and get your perfect body

What does stomach liposuction do?

As we age, our skin will start to sag and the general distribution of body fat will be formed usually around the middle of our belly and legs. Women who gave birth may be stuck with a roll of unsightly fat that is just too stubborn to go away, even with a lot of exercise and diet.

What you need to know is that when it comes to liposuction, fat is not always the same. The fat that does not go away with the right diet and exercise is called the subcutaneous fat, which is located on top of the abdominal muscle and beneath the skin. Liposuction surgery can help you remove those flabby pockets of stubborn fat.

What not to expect?

While liposuction will get rid of our fat, this is not a miracle weight-loss solution. This procedure is best for certain deposits of fat that are concentrated in a certain area and are resistant to go away even with exercise; for example, around the stomach, hips, buttocks, and thighs. You will obviously lose some weight, but this will not be anything significant, you still have to work hard.

How is this procedure done?

Liposuction, together with other cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures can be explained by your doctor, and it is important that you ask them anything you want to know. For example, you even have the snoring clinic Melbourne like Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, that can help you sleep better and they still offer other services such as fillers, Botox or Liposuction.

Get rid of your love handles and other stubborn fat

The most common method that is used is called tumescent liposuction, and it can remove the fat from your buttocks, thighs, stomach, and ankles. This method is also seen as the safest out there; a large amount of salt water will be injected into the fatty tissue under your skin.

The doctor will make a cut into the area that needs to be treated, and then insert a straw-like tube that is called a cannula, underneath, as it is attached to a vacuum. The doctor will move it back and forth in a fast motion, and that will help loosen the fat. This procedure usually takes about 45 minutes to two hours to be done, and it takes you about two weeks to recover.

The full effect of this procedure can be seen from 6 to 12 weeks after the liposuction surgery is performed. During the surgery you will be given anesthesia and after you will have to use a compression garment for about 1-2 weeks.

Final word

However, just because you get this procedure done, does not mean that you can continue to eat unhealthily. You need to take care of your body properly, because this is just a simple push to get you started, and the rest is up to you.

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