How to Start a Senior Placement Agency

There is no doubt about the very high demand of most of the senior care staff, which has come about as a result of the increasing number of elderly people in the society and increased awareness of the importance of senior care facilities and services in the contemporary society. Senior placement agencies which are capable of sufficiently supplying these professionals to the senior care facilities stand a good chance of making a lot of profits and expanding in the process. How to Start a Senior Placement Agency? Starting a placement agency is however not a walk in the park as entails a number of steps that have to be followed to the latter. The very first step one must take is incorporating their enterprise per their state statutes and regulations. It would make more sense to have a discussion with either an accountant or attorney in relation to the business structure and model that will be most suitable for their financial reward and overall safety. The following step is securing funding that is adequate for running a payroll and maintaining acceptable liability insurance for senior care professionals. There might be need to buy employees’ compensation insurance bearing in mind that as long as the senior care workers are working on your payroll, then as the employer you have to take up full responsibilities for any uncertainty.

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A senior placement agency, just like any other corporation, cannot be functional without an office, implying that one of the first activities should include establishment of a well-organized office fixed with effective communication systems. There is no harm in starting with a home office although a professional office is likely to enhance the agency’s reputation. In the process of staring up a senior placement agency, the investor has no option but to develop a professional website that will play an integral role of lending credibility and demonstrating the special skills of the senior care staff. Financial issues are very crucial and thus there will be need to open a cooperate bank account and develop a remuneration system for the payment of salaries and bonuses. The second-last step when starting up a senior placement agency is embarking on the development of a well-structured recruitment and selection plan that will facilitate the acquisition of highly qualified and reliable senior care professionals. Finally, the investor needs to look for client senior care service facilities and government agencies so that the trained staff can begin working immediately.

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