Sports Motivation for men and women: free yourself

“It’s never too late. Grandma is 72 years old! ” “I am already 40 years old. It’s too late to start bodybuilding … ”- think the same way? Look at this grandmother and make sure that it’s never too late to start!

“The strength of the spirit of a young woman” – can not “return to shape after childbirth”? Not enough motivation for losing weight? Look at this girl WITHOUT FEET and understand that all your “reasons” are just pathetic excuses!

“Motivation for women” is a section of our site, with the help of which any girl can pull herself together and achieve what is desired in the shortest possible time. A modern girl has all the capabilities to be beautiful and developed, to like herself and others. If you do not have enough desire for self-realization – this indicates the incorrect functioning of the motivation system, which is a natural incentive mechanism for each person.

Freeing ourselves

Motivation is an emotional state that makes you act. To make this emotional state permanent, it is necessary to create the correct biochemistry of the brain. It’s about a combination of certain hormones that make women want to fulfill their natural desires. Desires that are not in you are very difficult to realize you need to buy Cernos Gel (Testogel). It’s hard to make a good bear out of a rabbit. But you can do a bad rabbit by placing it in the environment of bears. Our task is to free ourselves from the mechanisms that bind the soul and body in order to realize ourselves 100%. To do this, use the following recommendations:

Get rid of unnecessary harmful thoughts. A modern person for a day “scrolls” in his head a lot of harmful thoughts that weaken his hormonal system and reduce motivation.

Give up insults. Any offense is a brake on mental and physical development. In response to living feelings of resentment, the level of dopamine (the hormone of happiness and motivation) decreases, which leads to the inability to achieve any goals.

Feeling of false shame and guilt – there too. Would you repeat the act you feel guilty for today? Not? So the person who should feel guilty no longer exists. You are a new person today. Focus on the present and future, not the past.

Work out harmful conditions like empty (which do not lead to actions) depressions and emotional addictions.

All of the above recommendations must be implemented with one single goal – to restore your natural desires. A girl who constantly feels resentment (resentment is an example. There can be any destructive emotions. The more there are, the worse your affairs) is doomed to live with an increased level of cortisol (the main stress hormone). No motivation for women works when a girl is in permanent stress. Any motivating videos and stories will expire in 5-10 minutes. Any useful installation will break into “malware” that the girl has been cultivating for years.

Fill ourselves

We cleaned our “apartment”, took out the broken furniture, and removed the fungal wallpaper. Now let’s move on to useful attitudes that create a natural motivation for a woman. These attitudes are necessary in order for motivation to become a permanent, and not a momentary state.

Motivation for women is based on the following attitudes:

Work on a motivation system according to general rules. Check out the Motivation section to understand the origins of all your desires. This is the “base” without which motivation for women and men does not work.

We use a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet to improve health and exacerbate the sensations of living every day. When the main source of pleasure is tasty food and bad habits, the girl simply does not have free hormones of pleasure for the realization of her true desires.

Man cannot exist without physical activity. But within the framework of modern underdeveloped fitness indutria, physical activity often becomes excessive and harmful. The result – apathy, unwillingness to train. Use our fitness section to find the right training program for you personally.

Work on your worldview. A correct worldview is the basis of any motivation. Right now, there are “blocks” in your subconscious that significantly reduce the amount of vital energy. What is the use of quickly harnessing if you then go for a long time in the wrong direction?

Outdoor activities can be the beginning of a new lifestyle. Active rest not only improves your health and mood, but also helps to strengthen ties with people around you. Many girls are surprised: “I do everything for my family, but they do not appreciate me. And this frivolous individual, instead of housework, scores for everything and takes her husband on a hike. And he doesn’t have a soul in her. ” The fact is that joint active rest leads to the development of oxytocin – the hormone of trust and love. As a result of this, there is more love and trust in the family of sportswomen than in the family of an eternal housewife.

Emotional charge

Motivation for a woman is the key to self-realization, building cool relationships with the opposite sex and society. It is a healthy body and a healthy mind.

But sometimes this constant motivation tends to fade away. This statement is especially true for girls who need constant emotional support more than all other women. As part of the natural motivation that we provided you with the help of the above recommendations, an “emotional shake” will set the movement in the right direction not for 5 minutes, but for weeks and months.

What can you become

Man is given only one life. And if now you can’t overcome your simple weakness like laziness or cravings for delicious food, if now you don’t start working on yourself, your goals and dreams will remain unattainable. You are not realized in society, but a man who would be an ideal half for “realized you” will be taken away by another girl. This is the best motivation for women. There is no injustice in this. Life is the same for everyone. This is your personal human weakness. You could not overcome your laziness, your base weaknesses and did not realize your full potential. Therefore:

Eternal discomfort. Constant suffering. The understanding that “I am a loser in this life” every year puts pressure on the psyche more and more. See evil old women who are ready to kill for a place in public transport? These are unrealized girls and women who are trying to take a miserable trifle from this life – a “sitter” in a tram. Do you want to regret missed opportunities in old age? Do you want to feel constant


Inability to achieve real happiness. 15 minutes ago you thought you were living on 80% of your capabilities. Now you understand that you live only 30%. But in reality, you realize your life potential by only 5%. Right now you can experience 20 times more happiness! But for this you need to go through the discomfort of fighting with your weaknesses at the initial stage.

Inability to satisfy the simplest desires. Many girls think, “You just have to wait and life will reward me.” These “waiters” of the female sex wait until death and only then they realize their stupidity: your happiness depends only on you. Life must be taken into its own hands at 15.20, 25, 30 years, but not at 80, when it is already too late to start living.

Every year the suffering from unrealizing oneself accumulates. Each person in this world has its own destiny. Someone has motherhood and parenting. Someone has a realization in creativity, business, or any other professional activity. Someone wants to teach children, someone wants to dance on a pole. All this is normal. It’s not normal to burn your life, to ignore true desires for the sake of momentary weaknesses. It is not normal to be a lazy, ever doubting, unhappy woman, whose troubles are to blame all around, except for herself.

Your life is in your hands. See who you can become thanks to our site and the desire to work on yourself. These are athletic girls who are admired by men who are satisfied with themselves and who will have healthy children. A girl like mother can give her children much more. She is healthy, not lazy and disciplined, since she was able to create such a body with the help of her labor. Work on the physical is also a training of the spirit, development of useful life qualities, work on the hormonal system. Now you have the opportunity to start life anew. You have a new, bright, strong and happy life. Now it’s up to you to decide: make an effort on yourself and grab this bird of happiness by the tail, or abandon it for the sake of momentary weaknesses.

Peter Simpson

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