Senior Adults and Medical Marijuana

While some states and parts of the world still have reservations regarding the use of marijuana, Massachusetts law permits the use of medical marijuana. Marijuana regulations in Massachusetts have been set in place to ensure integrity in the distribution of cannabis. For instance, there are regulations on the proximity of a cannabis dispensary to schools, the potency of cannabis in edibles, and regulations on retail sales.

Such controls have gone a long way in ensuring it is not abused, and the community, especially the senior population, makes the most out of it.

Is marijuana safe for older adults?

Worth noting is that marijuana use among seniors has been growing at a high rate over the past years. Many of them are using cannabis for a wide range of health issues and even recreation. It is safe and effective, and especially with the existing regulations on the potency of these products. 

Most seniors making purchases from Sira Naturals Somerville, MA dispensary are using it for chronic pain.

Marijuana for treatment of chronic pain among senior adults

Clinical research has proved that marijuana is a compelling anecdote for chronic pain. There are several types and causes of chronic pain among seniors that marijuana can treat.

  1. Osteoarthritis

Arthritis is common among senior adults and one of the most likely causes of chronic pain. It is also one of the causes of disability among seniors. Is marijuana used to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis? 

While cannabis cannot cure arthritis or slow down its progression, it does a beautiful job of alleviating its symptoms, including lack of sleep. Chronic pain can cause irregular sleep. Medical marijuana will reduce pain and address other issues caused by pain, such as lack of sleep.

  1. Cancer

While one can develop cancer even at a young age, it tends to be common among seniors. This is mainly because cells get damaged over the years. By the time one is a senior, the damage builds up, and cancer develops.

As people get older, the different types of cancer become common. Seniors with cancer leverage marijuana for the alleviation of its symptoms, one of them being pain. Apart from soothing chronic pain, medical cannabis is effective in reducing anxiety, reducing nausea which is a side effect of chemotherapy, and increasing appetite, to mention a few. 

  1. Ischemic pain

Ischemic limb pain is also common among senior adults. It is caused by the severe blockage of the buildup of plaque in the arteries of the legs. This often caused pain in the leg areas, including the toes and feet. Circulation of blood is affected, and wounds that don’t heal is also another symptom. 

Senior adults use marijuana for ischemic pain relief.


Medical marijuana has proved to be very effective for pain relief among seniors. As people get older, they develop musculoskeletal disorders, which are accompanied by chronic pain. The good news is that platforms like Sira Naturals Twitter offer solutions to such issues. If you have a loved one suffering from chronic pain, understand how medical marijuana works for pain relief and recommend it to your loved one.   

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